Wheat Recipes

how to make chapathi

Wheat is an excellent grain that gives health benefits.

The two of the common and popular Indian vegetarian food prepared from wheat flour are chapati and poori. Another of the items made from this flour is wheat dosa.

In recent years, wheat bread has also gained popularity. Bread upma is a tasty dish made from this type of bread.

Wheat halwa is a yummy sweet dish made from wheat flour.

Use, as much as possible, fresh wheat flour to prepare dishes.

After you buy wheat and before you take it to the flour mill, if possible, dry it in the sun for a day. This process will remove any worms in the wheat. Further, the wheat will be free from any moisture.

Be aware also that the quality of the flour also depends on the quality of the wheat.

Transfer the wheat flour to an air-tight container only after the flour has completely cooled to make the flour last longer.

Here are some of the lip-smacking delicacies made from ingredients like wheat flour, vermicelli, wheat bread, or broken wheat: