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vegetable roti

Vegetable roti is a mouth-watering and healthy dish. On the taste side, onion, jeera, chili and coconut gratings get the maximum credit. On the health front, the gratings of the vegetables like beetroot and carrot take the top honors. If you want to make a roti that's different, yet good for the taste buds and the body, consider vegetable roti.

In the vegetable roti recipe, wheat flour is a main ingredient in addition to the vegetables. Beetroot, carrot, bottle gourd and onion are some of the vegetables that add a healthy dimension to this food. You can also use, for example, cucumber and chow chow gratings.

Relish vegetable roti, when it's hot, as is. If you do need a side dish, palak chutney, puli inji or til chutney are among the chutneys that can fly the taste of this roti to a greater height.

Want to use a side dish, but have no time or interest to make it? Mix idli podi, also known as milagai podi or chutney pudi, with ghee and savor the vegetable roti.

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Quantity: 4-5 rotis


1. Wheat flour 1 cup
2. Onion chopped, 1
3. Carrot gratings 1/4 cup
4. Beetroot gratings 1/4 cup

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5. Bottle gourd / chow chow / cucumber gratings 1/4 cup
6. Coriander leaves, 5-6 sprigs, finely chopped
7. Cumin / jeera 1/2 teaspoon
8. Green chili 1-2 or to taste
9. Coconut gratings 1 tablespoon
10. Oil to cook
11. Salt to taste

How to make Vegetable Roti?

1. Add all the items, except oil, to the wheat flour.

vegetable roti s1


vegetable roti s1b
2. Make the dough. Add a few teaspoons of water if necessary.

vegetable roti s1c

Make firm dough. After sometime, it becomes soft because the vegetable gratings release water.

Cover and keep aside for 15-20 minutes.

vegetable roti s2b
3. Divide the dough into 4-5 equal-sized portions and shape them into balls.

vegetable roti s3

If the dough is soft, flatten the ball, like a roti, with your fingers.

If the dough is slightly soft, roll it out like chapati.
4. Coat a aluminum foil / holige paper / plastic paper with 1/8 teaspoon of oil.

vegetable roti s4
5. Place a ball on the foil and press it to make a circular roti.

vegetable roti s5

vegetable roti s5b
6. Heat a dosa /chapati tava till it becomes hot.
vegetable roti s6
7. Place a raw roti on the tava.

vegetable roti s7

When the roti color changes, smear its surface with about 1/4 teaspoon of oil.


vegetable roti s7d

Smear oil.

Cook till each side of the roti has a few golden brown spots.

vegetable roti s8b
8. Vegetable roti is ready.

vegetable roti final

TIPS Vegetable Roti
1. Add few pinches of turmeric, in Step 1, to make the rotis healthier.
2. Add roasted groundnut and sesame seeds powder, in Step 1, to make the rotis tastier.