How to make Poori?

how to make poori

If you know how to make poori, you can make this food as a delicious starter item for lunch or dinner.  Pooris are made usually on special occasions.  Learn how to make poori and make this dish not only for special events, but also for breakfast on Sundays and other holidays.

Pooris are made from wheat flour dough.

Aloo sabji / aloo sagu, coconut chutney, chickpea curry or channa masala are some of the common side dishes for poori. Vegetable curry will also be an excellent side dish for this cuisine.

Pooris should be eaten when they are hot.  Cold pooris usually will not be crispy and tasty.

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Quantity: 9 pooris


1. Wheat flour 1 cup
2. Oil 1 teaspoon
3. Fine Rava (chiroti rava) or rice flour 1 teaspoon
4. Salt to taste
5. Water
6. Oil for deep frying

How to make Poori - Steps

1. Mix wheat flour, fine rava or rice flour, oil and salt.

Make the dough using nearly half a cup of water.  The dough should be little hard than chapati dough.

2. Coat the dough with little oil.


Cover it and set aside for five minutes.
3. Create nine, equal-sized balls from the dough.
4. Roll out a ball into a poori using a rolling pin. The rolled ball should not be very thin.

5. Heat oil in a deep frying pan.

6. Drop the rolled ball gently into the oil, when it reaches the smoking point.


Using a spatula, press the poori gently.

7. Turn each poori upside-down when it is inflated.

8. Fry until both the sides turn golden-brown.
9. Remove the poori from the oil and place the poori on a paper napkin so it absorbs the extra oil.  
10. Poori is ready.

Serve hot with aloo sabji or aloo sagu, chickpea (channa) curry or channa masala curry and or coconut chutney.


TIPS How to make Poori?
1. While rolling out the poori do not use extra flour. Instead, use oil.
2. A point you have to keep in mind on how to make poori is if you roll out thin pooris, they will not inflate when fried.