Cabbage Paratha Recipe

cabbage paratha recipe

With this cabbage paratha recipe, you are set to make parathas that shine on two fronts: taste and nutrition. Thanks, in particular, to the cabbage, which is said to have many medicinal properties. Cabbage paratha recipe is an answer if you wish to make a dish, other than items like chapati, from wheat flour.

The common ingredients and simple steps are yet another reason to learn how to make cabbage paratha.

In this cabbage paratha recipe, coriander, ginger and jeera are among the ingredients that standout. The reason is these items aid in digestion.

Want to pack something for the lunch box that brings smile on the face of the person when he or she opens it? Try cabbage paratha. Children, in particular, like to relish this food.

How to make cabbage paratha? There are two ways. In the first, you directly add the gratings of the cabbage to the wheat flour and make the dough. The recipes that follows uses this method. In the second, you will have to prepare the cabbage curry and use it as a stuffing.

Another highlight of the cabbage paratha is it does not need any side dish. Just pour a teaspoon of ghee on the hot paratha and savor it. If you do like to make a side dish, mullangi chutney would be a good choice.

jolada rotti
Jolada rotti or jowar roti, like cabbage paratha, is said to offer excellent health benefits.

gooseberry jam
Gooseberry jam is a lip-smacking side dish for items like cabbage paratha, chapati and bread.

Quantity: 4 parathas


1. Cabbage / ele kosu / band gobhi / muttai kosu / muttakose / kosu, grated 1/2 cup
2. Wheat flour 1/2-3/4 cup
3. Chopped ginger 1/4 teaspoon
4. Cumin / jeera 1/2 teaspoon
5. Red chili powder 1/4 teaspoon
6. Fresh coriander leaves, chopped
7. Salt to taste
8. Oil

How to make Cabbage Paratha?

1. Grate the cabbage.

cabbage paratha recipe s1
2. Add salt.


cabbage paratha recipe s2

Keep aside for about 15 minutes, so the water in the cabbage will be released.
3. Crush the cumin slightly.

cabbage paratha recipe s3
4. Add cumin, chili powder, ginger and coriander leaves.

cabbage paratha recipe s4


cabbage paratha recipe s4a
5. Add 1/2-cup of wheat flour.

cabbage paratha recipe s5a

Mix and make dough. It should have chapati-dough consistency.

cabbage paratha recipe s5

Do not add extra water. If necessary, sprinkle little milk.

If the dough becomes too soft, add more wheat flour and mix.
6. Smear the dough with little oil.

cabbage paratha recipe s6

Cover and keep aside for about 10 minutes.

cabbage paratha recipe s6b
7. Make four, equal size balls from the dough and flatten them.

cabbage paratha recipe s7
8. Coat a flattened ball with the flour by dusting it in the flour.

cabbage paratha recipe s8
9. Roll out the ball into a small circle.

cabbage paratha recipe s9

Sprinkle some more flour on the rolling board and on the rolled-out dough.

cabbage paratha recipe s9b
10. Roll out into a circle with the desired thickness.

cabbage paratha recipe s10
11. Heat a chapati tava, with the flame kept high.

12. Place the raw paratha on the tava when it becomes hot.

cabbage paratha recipe s12
13. When the surface changes the color, sprinkle a few drops of oil.

cabbage paratha recipe s13

Turn the flame to medium.
14. Flip the the half-cooked paratha. Sprinkle a few drops of oil.

cabbage paratha recipe s13b
15. Flip and press the surface with a roti presser.

cabbage paratha recipe s14b

Cook till brown spots appear on the surface.

Flip again and repeat the process.
16. Cabbage paratha is ready.

cabbage paratha recipe final

TIPS Cabbage Paratha Recipe
1. If you are eating / serving cabbage paratha with only curd as the side dish, add more chili powder and salt while making the dough so the paratha does not taste bland.