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The food stock photos given on this page are available for sale. You can use the photos you buy, from southindianvegrecipes.com, on your website, blog, video, and or printed publications, according to the terms of the license.  I add new photos frequently.  So, please visit this page often.

The size of the photos available for sale are 500 pixels (width), 375 pixels (height).  File format JPEG.

Each photo available for sale on this page is INR 50.00 / USD 1.  This offer is for a limited time only.

How to buy the food stock images:

1. Write down the name and ID of the food stock photo you wish to buy.
2. Send me an e-mail to info[@]southindianvegrecipes[dot]com.  Please replace [@] with @ and [dot] with.  Be sure to include the photo name and ID.
3. Receive info on how to make payment.
4. Make payment: direct transfer of amount to bank (for local orders) or PayPal (international orders).
5. Receive the photo(s), as JPEG file(s), by e-mail, most times within hours or on the same day.
If you wish to purchase the food stock photos available for sale on this page, please contact me.

E-mail: contact southindianvegrecipes.com

Click on an image to view its enlarged version.

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Curry Leaf Rice Wheat Flour Dough for Chapati Vermicelli Upma
Baked Potato Chips Pongal Celebration
ID - 0101 ID - 0102 ID - 0103 ID - 0104 ID - 0105

pongal festival chapati / Indian flat bread vada, chutney, sambar poori / Indian fried bread and chickpea curry chickpea curry
Pongal Festival Chapati / Indian Flat Bread Vada, Chutney, Sambar Poori / Indian Fried Bread Chickpea Curry
ID - 0106 ID - 0107 ID - 0108 ID - 0109 ID - 0110

wheat in a bowl
Ragi / Finger millet
Oats in a bowl
Dil pasand / Sweet bread
Dil pasand pie
Wheat Ragi / Finger Millet Oats Dil Pasand Dil Pasand Pie
ID - 0111 ID - 0112 ID - 0113 ID - 0114 ID - 0115

Sambar for Idli
vada / urud vada
coconut chutney
urud vadas
poori / Indian fried bread
Sambar for Idli Vadas Coconut Chutney Vadas in a Tray Poori / Indian Fried Bread
ID - 0116 ID - 0117 ID - 0118 ID - 0119 ID - 0120

tomato curry
curry leaves in a bowl
pods in peas
gooseberry / amla jam
Sweet Corn
Tomato Curry Curry Leaves Pods in Peas Gooseberry / Amla Jam Sweet Corn
ID - 0121 ID - 0122 ID - 0123 ID - 0124 ID - 0125

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