South Indian Sweets Recipes

Sweets are a key component of the festival food and a menu item of lunch or dinner for special events like birthday parties or ceremonies and celebrating accomplishments like educational or sport achievements.

Sugar or Jaggery?

For most sweet dishes, you can use either sugar or jaggery as the sweetener. In such cases, jaggery, however, would be the first choice, as it is said to offer health benefits.

Common Items

What are some of the common items used in many of the Indian sweets and that make these mouth-watering? In addition to sugar or jaggery, some of the other items are ghee, cardamom, cashew nuts, almonds, pista and or dry grapes (raisins).

Sweet Dish Preparation in Less time

Sweet dishes like kesari bath or semiya payasam can be prepared in relatively less time.

The recipes of these items with an excellent taste can be handy in situations like friends or relatives dropping into your place unannounced.

South Indian Sweet Recipes

Here are the south Indian sweet recipes for a range of cuisines. Kesari bath or rava kesari, semiya payasam, holige or obattu, Mysore pak, sweet pongal and rava laddu are just a few of the sweets for which you will find the recipes on this page.

holige recipeHolige / Obbattu
(Traditional method)