Recipe of Kalakand | How to Prepare Kalakand

recipe of kalakand

With the recipe of kalakand, you can make a mouth-watering sweet dish for festivals like Diwali and Gokulashtami.

For a special event like a birthday too, the kalakand recipe helps you make a simple yet delicious sweet item. In the Indian sweets recipes list the recipe of kalakand should get a top spot, because, in general, everyone likes this sweet.

As you prepare kalakand its sweet aroma wafts through the air, and it would not be a surprise if the attention of everyone in your house is drawn to your kitchen and the desire to taste this sweet soars!

What are the main items of the recipe of kalakand? Just three, which should further kindle your interest to know how to prepare kalakand. The three key items of the kalakand recipe are milk, paneer, and sugar.

The softness of the kalakand depends on the type of milk.

Use the same milk to make kalakand and paneer to ensure the consistency of this sweet does not get affected.

The other items in the ingredients part of the recipe of kalakand are cardamom and almonds. These give the flavor and a subtle crunchiness to this fine sweet.

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Quantity: About 8 pieces


1. Milk 1/2 litre
2. Milk 1/2 litre for making paneer / chhena
3. Sugar 4 tablespoons or to taste
4. Elaichi powder / cardamom 1/4 teaspoon
5. Almonds, chopped, for decoration

How to Prepare Kalakand?

1. Prepare the paneer from the milk.

recipe of kalakand s11

Although you can use curd as a curdling agent to make paneer, do not use it to make paneer for kalakand because the quantity of paneer will vary.

Here is how to make paneer at home.
2. Set flame to high. When the milk begins to rise, turn the flame to medium.

Heat milk in a thick-bottom kadai or non-stick pan.

Stir the mixture occasionally, so the mixture does not stick to the bottom or it does not form a top layer.

recipe of kalakand s1
3. Crumble the paneer and set it aside.

Cook milk till its quantity is reduced by half or till it becomes thick.

Add the paneer to the milk.


recipe of kalakand s2
4. Stir till the milk-paneer mixture becomes thick.

recipe of kalakand s3
5. Add sugar.

recipe of kalakand s4


recipe of kalakand s4b

Stir till the mixture separates from the bottom.

recipe of kalakand s4c

Switch-off the stove.
6. Add cardamom powder.

7. Transfer the mixture to a greased plate.

recipe of kalakand s5

Flatten the mixture.

recipe of kalakand s5b
8. Decorate the mixture:

Sprinkle the almonds on the surface and press lightly.

recipe of kalakand s7

Set aside the mixture to cool.
9. Cut into desired pieces.

recipe of kalakand s8
10. Kalakand is ready.

recipe of kalakand final

TIPS Recipe of Kalakand
1. Decorate with pista, cashew nuts and dry grapes to make the kalakand extra rich and to make it tastier.