Pineapple Kesari Bath | Pineapple Kesari Recipe

pineapple kesari bath

The pineapple kesari bath, also known by such names as pineapple rava kesari, is a mouth-watering sweet dish. It is a variation of the regular kesari bath in that the pineapple kesari recipe uses pineapple as an additional ingredient. This fruit adds to the taste and health value of pineapple kesari bath.

For Maha Shivaratri, pineapple kesari bath, or its regular counterpart, is one of the items made as nyvedhyam to the Lord.

You may also want to make pineapple kesari bath for events like a birthday party or to celebrate, say an educational accomplishment from one of your family members.

It is quite common to make vegetable rava upma also when this sweet delicacy is made, as the two have a good fit.

A hot cup of filter coffee completes the fine eating experience.

3 Pineapple Facts
pineapple health benefits
A pineapple is rich in, among others, water and fiber content1 and may prevent constipation.
pineapple health benefits
Vitamin C is one of the vitamins found in large quantities in a pineapple.1 This vitamin is said to reduce the frequency of common cold.2
pineapple health benefits
Bromelain, a combination of enzymes, found in pineapples, is said to be a remedy for indigestion and inflammation.3

What are the traits of the pineapple kesari recipe? First, it needs only a few ingredients. These are fine rava or chiroti rava, ghee, sugar, grapes, cashew nuts, cardamom and, of course, the pineapple. Second, the steps are few and simple. Third, in about 30 minutes you can make this super-delicious sweet dish.

Smooth-textured pineapple kesari bath requires more ghee. Otherwise, when you eat this sweet dish you may feel it to be slightly sticky.

Use both pineapple pieces and pineapple paste to make the pineapple kesaribath. With this method, you can eat the chunks of pineapple and also sense the fine aroma of this wonder fruit.

A point you have to take extra note on how to make pineapple kesari is you have to use a pineapple that is well-ripe.

Relish or serve pineapple kesaribath hot.

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Gooseberry jam is a lip-smacking jam for dishes like chapati and bread.

Servings: Two to Three


1. Pineapple / ananas pieces 1 cup
2. Fine rava / chiroti rava / semolina 1 cup
3. Ghee / clarified butter 1/2 to 1 cup or to taste

Pineapple kesari bath can be prepared using half-cup of ghee. However, the dish would be slightly sticky.
4. Sugar 1-and-1/2 cup or to taste
5. Water 3-and-1/4 cup
6. Cashew nuts 2-3 tablespoons
7. Dry grapes / raisins 2-3 tablespoons
8. Cardamom powder 1/4 teaspoon

How to make Pineapple Kesari?


1. Use water and grind about half the quantity of pineapple to a paste.

Use water from the measured quantity only.

pineapple kesari bath s1

pineapple kesari bath s1b

pineapple kesari bath s1c
The Steps 2-4 and Steps 5-6 can be followed in parallel to reduce the cooking time.

Bring the remaining water to boil.

pineapple kesari bath s2e

Add pineapple pieces.

pineapple kesari bath s2

Boil for 3-4 minutes and ensure the pineapple has some crunchiness.

pineapple kesari bath s2b
3. Add sugar.

pineapple kesari bath s3

Heat till the sugar dissolves.

pineapple kesari bath s3b
4. Add the pineapple paste.

pineapple kesari bath s4

Bring to boil. Cover the utensil.

pineapple kesari bath s4b

To retain the pineapple aroma, do not boil the mixture too much.

The pineapple syrup is ready.
5. Set flame to low.

Heat half-cup of ghee in a thick-bottom kadai.

pineapple kesari bath s5

Heat till the ghee becomes hot, but not smoking hot.

pineapple kesari bath s5b
6. Add rava.

pineapple kesari bath s6

Fry for 2-3 minutes.

pineapple kesari bath s6b
7. Add cashew nuts and grapes.

pineapple kesari bath s7

Fry till the grapes swell or till you get a strong aroma of rava, while ensuring that the rava does not get burnt. So, you have to keep stirring the mixture.

pineapple kesari bath s7b

Switch-off the flame.

Fry for a few more seconds.
8. If the pineapple syrup is not boiling, bring to boil.

Be careful when you add the syrup to the mixture as it may spurt.

Add half of the syrup to the rava mixture slowly.

pineapple kesari bath s8


pineapple kesari bath s8c

Switch-on the stove.

Add the remaining syrup.

pineapple kesari bath s8d

Mix thoroughly.

pineapple kesari bath s8e

Cover with a plate.

pineapple kesari bath s8f
9. Cook for three to four minutes. Remove the plate.

pineapple kesari bath s9

Add cardamom powder.

pineapple kesari bath s9b


pineapple kesari bath s9c

If the mixture is not thick, cook till the rava absorbs all the syrup.

pineapple kesari bath s10

Taste the mixture. Add sugar if necessary and mix. Cook till the sugar dissolves.
10. Follow this Step, if you will use one cup (and not half-cup) of ghee:

Add a tablespoon of ghee and mix. Repeat this procedure till you make use of all the ghee.

pineapple kesari bath s10b

pineapple kesari bath s10c

You can avoid this step. However, the pineapple kesari bath, would become slightly sticky.
11. Cover the utensil.

pineapple kesari bath s10d

Switch off the stove. Wait for two to three minutes.
12. Pineapple kesari bath / pineapple kesari is ready.

pineapple kesari bath final

TIPS Pineapple Kesari Bath
1. If the pineapple itself is sweet, add less sugar.
2. Do not add any food colors and any essence, as these might not be good for the health.