Moong Dal Payasam made with Copra

moong dal payasam from copra and poppy seeds

If you have been making the moong dal payasam in the more common way, you may want to try this recipe. The reason is you get to savor a richer version of this sweet dish. The use of copra or dry coconut and poppy seeds or khus khus in the recipe makes the moong dal payasam tastier.

The two other distinctions of this payasam are:

1. It does not use milk.
2. You need to grind the copra, cardamom and poppy seeds.

Note that in the common way of preparing this sweet cuisine, there is no grinding involved. The extra effort of grinding, in this case, however, makes the payasam more delicious.

Relish the payasam with a teaspoon of liquid ghee, and the sweet experience could remain in your memory for a long time.

Are you interested to make this sweet dish the common way? Here is how to make moong dal payasam without using copra and poppy seeds.

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Servings: Two to Three


1. Moong dal / green gram / paasi paruppu / cherupayar / pesarapappu / hesaru bele 1/4-cup
2. Dry coconut / copra gratings 1/4-cup packed tightly
3. Poppy seed / Kasa kasa / khas khas / khus khus / gasagase 1 tablespoon
4. Ghee / clarified butter 2 teaspoons
5. Cashew nuts 8-10
6. Dry grapes / raisins 1 tablespoon
7. Jaggery pieces / bellam / bella 1/2-cup or to taste


Sugar 1/2-cup or to taste
8. Cardamom / elaichi / elakki1
9. Water 2-and-1/2 cups

How to make Moong Dal Payasam from Copra and Poppy Seeds?

1. Fry moong dal till it becomes golden brown.

moong dal payasam copra s1

Wash moong dal.

moong dal payasam copra s1c
2. Add 1 cup of water.

moong dal payasam copra s2a

Pressure cook the moong dal till it becomes soft.

moong dal payasam copra s2b

moong dal payasam copra s2c
3. Heat jaggery with 1/4-cup of water.

moong dal payasam copra s3

Strain the jaggery slowly after it dissolves, to remove stones and other foreign particles, if any.

Keep aside.
4. Fry poppy seeds till these start to splutter or till you get the aroma.

moong dal payasam copra s4
5. Grind with water, poppy seeds, cardamom and dry copra to a fine paste.

moong dal payasam copra s5

moong dal payasam copra s5b
6. Heat ghee in a utensil.

moong dal payasam copra s6

Add cashew nuts and dry grapes.

moong dal payasam copra s6b

Fry till the cashews turn to golden brown.

moong dal payasam copra s6c

Remove the nuts and grapes and keep them aside.
7. To the same utensil, add the ground mixture and the remaining water.

moong dal payasam copra s7

moong dal payasam copra s7b

Add moong dal. Mix.

moong dal payasam copra s7c

Bring to boil.

Cook on low heat for 4-5 minutes.
8. Add jaggery syrup. Mix.

moong dal payasam copra s8

Bring to boil.

moong dal payasam copra s8b

Garnish the payasam with the fried dry grapes and cashew nuts.

Moong dal payasam / pesarapappu payasam / paasi paruppu payasam made from copra and poppy seeds is ready.

moong dal payasam copra final

TIPS Moong Dal Payasam made from Copra and Poppy Seeds
1. Add 8-10 almonds and cashew nuts to the grinding to make the payasam taste richer.
2. Use less water if you want the payasam to be thick.
3. Add more jaggery if you want the payasam to be sweeter.