Kesari Bath Recipe

kesari bath recipe

With the kesari bath recipe, prepare the delicious food, kesari bath. It is also known as rava kesari, among others. This sweet cuisine is a traditional south Indian vegetarian food that has existed since several decades. Here is the kesari bath recipe you may want to use to make this sweet dish for a special event.

Kesari bath is an item that many prepare as nyvedhyam to Lord Shiva on the auspicious day of Maha Shivaratri.

What are the main ingredients of kesari bath recipe? Rava / semolina, ghee (clarified butter), sugar, dry grapes (raisins) and cashew nuts are the main items of this food.

An item in this dish that standout from the health view, while enhancing its taste, is dry grapes.

Food Fact
kesari bath recipe
Raisins(dry grapes) are said to have a strong capability to reduce the risk of diabetes or cardio-vascular disease.1

pineapple rava kesari
Pineapple kesari bath is another type of mouth-watering rava kesari. As the name says, pineapple is the main ingredient of this sweet dish variety.

Kesari, too, is a key item. Its high cost, however, constraints its use in preparing this food. Learn how to make kesari bath without using kesari with this recipe.

A highlight of this kesari bath recipe is that it does not use any ingredients that give an artificial color to this food.

Try chow-chow bath, which is khara bath and kesari bath. In this combination, the first is another avatar of vegetable upma. The chow-chow bath is sure to please the taste buds more.

hibiscus juice
Hibiscus juice is said to control blood pressure
Hibiscus juice is said to be good for the health. Here is the recipe for hibiscus juice.

Ref: 1Raisin consumption by humans: effects on glycemia and insulinemia and cardiovascular risk factors, Journal of Food Science accessed through the US National Library of Medicine,

Servings: Six to seven


1. Fine rava / chiroti rava / semolina 1 cup
2. Ghee / clarified butter 1 cup or to taste; See also Tip #1
3. Sugar 1 cup or to taste
4. Water 3 and 1/4 - 3 and 1/2 cup
5. Cloves 7-8
6. Cashew nuts 2 tablespoons
7. Dry grapes / raisins 2 tablespoons

How to make Kesari Bath?

1. Heat sugar and water in a utensil to make the sugar syrup. Then, proceed to Step 2.

kesari bath recipe s1
2. Add three-fourth of a cup of ghee to a thick-bottomed kadai or utensil. Also add to it cashew nuts, grapes, cloves and fine rava.

kesari bath recipe s2a

kesari bath recipe s2b

kesari bath recipe s2c

kesari bath recipe s2e
3. Fry on a low heat till the grapes swell and cashew nuts turn golden brown.

kesari bath recipe s3
4. Check if the water-sugar mixture in Step 1 has come to a boil. If it has not, increase the heat and bring the mixture to boil. Otherwise, the syrup is ready.

Add the syrup to the rava mixture slowly and carefully, because the syrup may spurt upward. Mix thoroughly.

kesari bath recipe s4
5. Cover with a plate. Wait for three to four minutes. Remove the plate.

If the mixture has not become thick, mix again till the rava absorbs all the syrup and mixture becomes thick.

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6. Add one tablespoon of ghee from the remaining quarter-cup of the same item. Mix.

kesari bath recipe s6

Switch off the stove. Wait for two to three minutes.
7. Kesari bath / rava kesari is ready.

kesari bath recipe

TIPS How to make Kesari bath?
1. Add all the remaining ghee, if you want the kesari bath to be non-sticky and extra rich, in Step 6.
2. For smooth kesari bath use three-and-a-half cup of water and one more tablespoon of sugar.
3. If you wish to give the kesari color for this sweet, dissolve a pinch of kesar / kesari / saffron stigmas in little water and add these to the sugar syrup.
4. For additional flavor, add two pinches of elaichi / cardamom powder.
5. If fine or chiroti rava is not available, use medium rava and use an extra quarter cup of water for making the sugar syrup.