Kasa Kasa Payasam

kasa kasa payasam

Kasa kasa payasam, khas khas kheer, khus khus kheer, gasagase payasa, gasagasaalu kheer or copra-poppy seed kheer is a mouth-watering sweet dish. You can drink it as is or use it as a side dish with idiyappam, ottu shavige or home-made rice noodles. Kasa kasa payasam, as the name suggests, is made from kasa kasa or poppy seeds.

In addition to kasa kasa, some of the other main ingredients of this payasam are copra or dry coconut and jaggery.

Here is some info about jaggery benefits, in the blog.

Khas Khas kheer is said to work as a body coolant and to be good for the heart. This kheer is also said to aid sleeping.

ragi ambliRagi ambli is said to be nutritious
Drinking a glass of ragi ambli or porridge in the morning can be a great way to start a day.

Here is the ragi ambli recipe.

Servings: 2-3


1. Kasa kasa / poppy seed / khas khas / khus khus / gasagase
1 Tablespoon
2. Dry coconut / copra pieces 1/4 cup
3. Cashew nuts 1 tablespoon
4. Almonds / badam 1 tablespoon
5. Cardamom / elaichi 1 pod
6. Jaggery / brown sugar to taste

How to make Kasa Kasa Payasam?

1. Fry kasa kasa / poppy seeds without any oil till you smell the aroma.

kasa kasa payasam s1
2. Add kasa kasa, dry coconut pieces, cashews, almonds and cardamom to a mixer jar.

kasa kasa payasam s2

Dry grind these ingredients.
3. Grind again with enough water to get a fine paste.

kasa kasa payasam s3
4. Transfer the paste to a utensil.

Add water, the quantity of which depends on how much liquid you want the payasam to be.

Heat the utensil.
5. Add jaggery pieces. Mix.
6. Boil for 1 minute.

kasa kasa payasam s5

Switch off the stove.
7. Kasa kasa payasam / khas khas kheer / khus khus keer / gasagase payasa is ready.

kasa kasa payasam final

TIPS Kasa Kasa Payasam
1. After making the payasam / kheer, if you find it to be too thick, add milk, mix and serve.

If the kheer is too thin, mix little rice flour with water and add the mixture to the kheer. Bring it to boil.
2. The use of cashew nuts and almonds, though optional, gives a rich taste to the kheer.