Kaju Burfi Recipe | Cashew Burfi

kaju burfi recipe

With the kaju burfi recipe that follows, make this delicious sweet at home for festivals like diwali and gokulashtami. For birthday parties, and for special moments like when someone in your family makes educational accomplishments, too, this sweet is a good choice. In addition to kaju, the kaju burfi recipe has khoya, sugar and ghee as the main items.

Unlike some sweets, the steps part of the kaju burfi recipe do not involve deep frying.

Kaju burfi thus scores well both on the taste and health scale. With the cashew burfi recipe, you are set to make this tasty sweet dish that, in general, everyone likes to eat.

Kaju in English means cashew. So this dish is also called as cashew burfi.

How many days can you store this sweet cuisine? Cashew burfi can be stored at room temperature for about 7-10 days. In the refrigerator, this burfi might remain in a good condition for more days.

Cashew nuts are said to be good for the health. According to a research study, nuts are rich in nutrients. Large quantities of protein and unsaturated fatty acids are present in nuts. These also have vitamins and minerals.

In particular, cashew nuts have minerals like phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese. These nuts also have antioxidants.

The copper, for example, in cashew nuts might reduce the risk of diseases like osteoporosis. The antioxidants in these nuts might lower the risk of coronary heart diseases.

Food Fact
"Nuts are now considered an important component of a healthy diet."1

Relish kaju burfi or cashew burfi with a hot cup of badam milk.

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Quantity: About 15


1. Cashew nuts 1 cup
2. Sugar 1 cup or to taste
3. Ghee 1/4 cup
4. Khoya 1/2 cup
5. Water 1/2 cup
6. Cardamom powder 1/4 teaspoon

How to make Kaju Burfi?

1. Fry the cashew nuts on low flame till these becomes slightly hot.

kaju burfi recipe s1

Keep aside to cool.
2. Grind the cashew nuts to a fine powder.

kaju burfi recipe s2

Turn a steel plate upside-down. Coat the surface with little ghee.

kaju burfi recipe s2b
3. Add sugar and water to a thick-bottom kadai.

kaju burfi recipe s3

Heat the kadai till the sugar dissolves.

Stir the sugar and water mixture frequently.

kaju burfi recipe s3b

Set the flame to low.

Cook till the sugar syrup reaches 1-thread consistency. While cooking, continue to stir.
4. Add cashew powder and khoya and about half of the ghee.

kaju burfi recipe s4


kaju burfi recipe s4b

The mixture initially will be watery.

Continue to mix.
5. When the mixture thickens, add cardamom powder and the remaining ghee.


kaju burfi recipe s5
6. Continue to mix

kaju burfi recipe s6

When the mixture balloons and becomes light, pour it on the plate you prepared in Step 2.

kaju burfi recipe s6b

Roll with a rolling pin to flatten the surface.

kaju burfi recipe s6c

kaju burfi recipe s6d
7. Keep aside for about 10 minutes.
8. Cut into diamond shape or desired shape pieces.

kaju burfi recipe s7
9. Kaju Burfi / Cashew burfi is ready.

kaju burfi recipe final

TIPS Kaju Burfi Recipe
1. If you have kept the cashews in the fridge, take it out and set it aside till their temperature is same as the room temperature.
2. Frying the cashews, in Step 1, although is not mandatory, enables to grind the nuts better.