How to make Wheat Halwa | Wheat Halwa Recipe | Atte ka Halwa recipe

how to make wheat halwa

A reason to know how to make wheat halwa is that it is a super-delicious dish. Some of the other names for this sweet food are wheat flour halwa, atte ka halwa and godhi halwa. If you want to make a tasty sweet dish in less time, this mouth-watering dish is an answer. Let's get started to find out how to make wheat halwa.

Wheat flour, ghee and jaggery (or sugar) are the only main items of the wheat halwa recipe. The feather-light key ingredients of the recipe of wheat halwa should further heighten your interest to learn how to make wheat halwa.

The color of the halwa depends on the color of the jaggery.

Almonds, cashew nuts, dry grapes and cardamom powder, in the wheat halwa recipe, scale the richness and taste of the wheat halwa or the atte ka halwa to a higher level.

You may want to use jaggery rather than sugar. Jaggery is said to have many medicinal properties. The blog post Jaggery Benefits has more info on the health properties of this sweetener.

Some give this halwa to children, as it is said to be good for them from the health view.

After you find out how to make wheat halwa, you would begin to think it's a nice dish to make for birthday parties. You are absolutely right!

Further, for get-together or to celebrate accomplishments, awards or the like, you may want to consider the wheat halwa or atte ka halwa.
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Make sure to relish or serve wheat halwa when it is hot.

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Servings: 2-3


1. Wheat flour / atta / godi hittu 1/2 cup
2. Ghee / clarified butter 1/4 cup or to taste
3. Jaggery pieces, one tablespoon less than 1/2 cup or to taste
4. Water 3/4 cup
5. Cashew nuts 8-10
6. Almonds, chopped, 3-4
7. Dry grapes 8-10
8. Cardamom powder, few pinches

How to make Wheat Halwa?

1. Add jaggery pieces to the water.

how to make wheat halwa s1

Heat till the jaggery dissolves.

how to make wheat halwa s1b

Strain to remove impurities.

how to make wheat halwa s1c

Cover the jaggery syrup and keep it aside.
2. Set flame to low.

Heat about 3/4th quantity of ghee in a thick-bottom kadai or non-stick pan.

how to make wheat halwa s2
3. Add nuts. Mix.

Add dry grapes.

Fry till the grapes swell.

how to make wheat halwa s3

Remove the nuts and grapes. Keep aside.
4. Add the wheat flour.

how to make wheat halwa s4

Always fry the wheat flour on a low flame.

After some time the flour becomes a mass. Spread or break the flour with the spatula and continue to fry so the flour is fried thoroughly.

Fry till you get the aroma.

how to make wheat halwa s4b
5. Bring the jaggery syrup to boil.

how to make wheat halwa s5

6. Add the syrup slowly to the wheat flour mixture while stirring.

how to make wheat halwa s6

Do not add the syrup all at once because it will be difficult to mix, and if you do not mix properly lumps will form:

First, add a few tablespoons of syrup and mix.
Next, when the flour absorbs most of the syrup, add few more tablespoons of the syrup and mix. Repeat till you have used all the syrup.
7. Keep mixing the mixture till the wheat flour absorbs the syrup and thickens.

Fry for a few more minutes to cook the mixture thoroughly.

how to make wheat halwa s7
8. Add the remaining ghee. Mix.

how to make wheat halwa s8

how to make wheat halwa s8b

Add more ghee if you want the wheat halwa to be softer.
9. Add fried nuts. Mix.

how to make wheat halwa s9

how to make wheat halwa s9b

Switch-off the stove.
10. Wheat halwa / atte ka halwa is ready

how to make wheat halwa final

TIPS How to make Wheat Halwa
1. If you do not like the taste of jaggery, use sugar. However the first sweetener is recommended, as it is said to have medicinal values.