How to make Boondi Ladoo | Boondi Laddu Recipe

how to make boondi ladoo

If you know how to make boondi ladoo, you can make this delicious sweet dish right in your kitchen to your taste needs. Everyone, in general, like this sweet food that has stood its ground against a range of new sweet delicacies. Thanks to the superb taste of the laddu. So, get to know how to make boondi ladoo and delight your near and dear ones with your new culinary skill.

boondi laddu recipe
boondi ladoo recipe
To make the boondi laddu, you need to use the first type of skimmer / boondi jalary shown on the left. If it is not available, use the second type.

These skimmers are usually available in stores that sell steel utensils.

If you wish to make a sweet dish for a festival like diwali or for a special event, then boondi laddu would be a good choice. The dish will be fresh and you can save some money. All these reasons should pave the way for you to learn how to make boondi ladoo.

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The besan / gram flour batter you prepare to make boondi ladoo can also be used to make khara boondi. Set aside some batter to prepare this dish.

The batter thus could be a time-saver, if you wish to prepare a spicy and sweet dish for a special event.

The boondi laddu recipe needs only a few ingredients. Further, the steps are few and simple. What is a key item you need? Besan or gram flour is a main item.

Among the other items of the boondi laddu recipe are the dry grapes, cashew nuts and cloves. While the first two give the ladoo a super-rich taste, the third gives it a fine flavor.

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Gooseberry jam is a lip-smacking jam for dishes like chapati and bread.

Quantity: 10-11


1. Besan / chana flour / kadale hittu / gram flour 1 cup
2. Cashew nuts, quantity as desired
3. Dry grapes, quantity as desired
4. Ghee / clarified butter 1 teaspoon teaspoon
5. Cardamom / elaichi powder 1/4
6. Cloves 15-16
7. Oil for deep frying

For Sugar Syrup:

1. Sugar 1 cup
2. Water 1/2 cup

How to make Boondi Laddu?

1. Make the Syrup:

Heat sugar and water.

how to make boondi ladoo s1

After the sugar dissolves and boils, simmer.

how to make boondi ladoo s2

Set the flame to low.

Make more syrup for mixing it with the boondi mixture.

The extra moistness in the mixture will help you make the ladoo balls easily.

While the sugar syrup is cooking, prepare the boondi, so you can make the ladoo fast.
2. When the syrup reaches a one string consistency, switch-off the stove.

how to make boondi ladoo s2b

How to test the 1-string consistency?
- Wet your thumb and index finger.

- Take very small quantity of the syrup in a spoon and touch the syrup with the finger.

- Press the finger and thumb and then lift back the finger. The syrup must stretch like a string.
3. Set flame to high.

Heat oil in a kadai.

how to make boondi ladoo s3
4. Mix besan with water to make a batter. It should have a consistency similar to that of an idli batter.

how to make boondi ladoo s4

how to make boondi ladoo s4b

how to make boondi ladoo s4c

Make sure there are no lumps in the batter, because such lumps will block the holes of the skimmer.
5. When the oil becomes hot, pour a laddle of batter slowly in a circular pattern into the boondi skimmer / jalari, keeping the skimmer, at a height of about 1-and-1/2 feet above the kadai.

how to make boondi ladoo s5

Move the laddle in the skimmer in a circular motion, so the batter drops fall into the oil.

how to make boondi ladoo s5b
6. Mix slowly with another skimmer.

how to make boondi ladoo s6
7. When the bubbling of the oil stops, remove the boondi.

how to make boondi ladoo s7

how to make boondi ladoo s7b

Place the boondi on a paper napkin.

how to make boondi ladoo s7d
8. Repeat Steps 5, 6, and 7 till all the batter is used.
9. Fry cloves, cashews and dry grapes till the grapes puff up.

how to make boondi ladoo s10
If the syrup has cooled, heat it.

Add the boondi to the hot sugar syrup.

how to make boondi ladoo s9


how to make boondi ladoo s9b
11. Add fried cashews, dry grapes, cloves, cardamom powder and ghee.


how to make boondi ladoo s11


Add a spoon of sugar powder.

Add edible camphorpowder.

Add sugar candy (kalkandu / kallu sakkare)

12. Keep aside the mixture till it cools to a point you can handle.

If there is excess syrup, strain the boondi mixture to drain the syrup.
13. Mix and make the balls of desired size.

how to make boondi ladoo s13b

how to make boondi ladoo s13

how to make boondi ladoo s13c

how to make boondi ladoo s13d

how to make boondi ladoo s13e

If you cannot make the balls, the reasons may be one or more of the following:

1. Dry mixture
2. Less syrup
3. Lack of one-string consistency

To fix the problem(s):

1. Dry mixture:

Boil water in a utensil. Keep the flame in the simmer mode.

Keep the utensil that contains the boondi mixture on top of the utensil with boiling water.

Mix the boondi. The boondi mixture will become hot and soft.

2. Less Syrup:

Make additional syrup, add to boondi and mix.

3. Lack of one-string consistency:

As you will have mixed the syrup with boondi, there is no solution to fix the consistency problem. So, you will have to spread the boondi in a tray and allow the boondi to dry. Then, eat the boondi without making the ladoo.
14. Boondi ladoo is ready.

how to make boondi ladoo final

TIPS How to make Boondi Ladoo
1. Leave a gap of at least 2-3 inches between the oil surface and the rim of the kadai. This is to reduce the spurting of oil, when the raw boondi drops from the skimmer into the oil.
2. Ensure to maintain the height between the skimmer and kadai, as detailed in Step 5. Otherwise, tails may form in the boondi.
3. Fry the boondi always on a high flame to prevent the boondis getting tails or becoming flat.
4. Clean the boondi skimmer after each batch, so the boondi drops will fall properly.
5. Do not worry if the boondi has tail, because when you make the balls the tail will break and or will not be noticeable.