Dry Fruits Laddu | How to make Dry Fruit Laddu | Dry Fruit Laddu Recipe

dry fruits laddu

Dry fruits laddu is a delicious sweet with many health benefits. It is in the class of healthy festival recipes. An item made as nyvedhyam to God on the day of festivals like Krishna Janmashtami and Diwali is the dry fruit laddu.

A basket of top-notch ingredients of the dry fruit laddu recipe make this food stay miles ahead of other sweet dishes in the quality competition. The items like khajur, almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, dry grapes, sesame seeds, flaxseeds and melon seeds make this traditional food crunchy, chewy and, without a doubt, super-nutritious.

The two of the stars of the recipe of dry fruit laddu, which seek extra focus, from the health view, are the flaxseeds and watermelon seeds. These are said to be a strongroom of medicinal gold.

Food Fact
health benefits of flaxseeds
Flaxseed may reduce the blood pressure in patients with hypertension.1

Food Fact
Watermelon seeds are said to be a rich source of, among others, proteins and calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.2

A fine item to eat as a snack is the dry fruit laddu. With less ghee and no artificial sweetener, this laddu would be a fine source of first-class nutrition.

As children, in particular, like the dry fruits laddu, it would be a good food to give them to boost their energy, especially if they are physically weak.

Adults, who need more nutrition, too can benefit from dry fruit laddus.

Add extra khajur to shape the laddus easily. Be aware, however, more khajur means sweeter dry fruits laddus.

You can store the dry fruits laddu up to ten days at room temperature. Do use only a glass bottle or steel box to store the laddus, as a plastic box is said to be not good for the health.

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Quantity: About 14 laddus


1. Khajur, karjura or dates, deseeded, 1-and-1/2 cup or to taste
2. Cashew nuts 1/4 cup
3. Almonds 1/4 cup
4. Walnut 1/4 cup
5. Dry grapes 2 tablespoons
6. Flaxseeds 1/4 cup
7. Melon seeds 1 tablespoon
8. Sesame seeds 1/2 tablespoon
9. Poppy seeds 2 teaspoons
10. Dry coconut gratings 2 tablespoons
11. Ghee 1 tablespoon
12. Cardamom pods 3-5

How to make Dry Fruits Laddu?

dry fruits laddu video

1. Heat a thick bottom kadai on a low flame.

Add cashews, almonds and walnut.

Fry till the cashews get some brown spots.

Transfer to a plate.
2. Dry fry flaxseeds till the seeds splutter.

Dry fry the flaxseeds till almost all of these splutter to ensure it is not sticky when eating the dry fruits laddu.

Transfer to a plate.
3. Dry fry melon seeds till the seeds splutter.

Transfer to a plate.
4. Dry fry sesame seeds till the seeds splutter.

Transfer to a plate.
5. Dry fry poppy seeds till about 1/2 the quantity starts to splutter.

Switch off the stove.

Continue to fry for a few seconds.
6. Chop the dates.
7. Grind cashews, almonds, and walnut only for a few seconds to a very coarse mixture.

Transfer to a thick bottom utensil.
8. Grind flaxseeds, sesame seeds and cardamom to a powder.

Transfer to the utensil.
Check for khajur seed and remove it to ensure smooth grinding.

Grind dry grapes and khajur as much as possible.

Add ground khajur to the utensil.
10. Add melon seeds, coconut, poppy seeds and ghee to the mixture in the utensil.

Break the khajur paste and mix.

Switch on the stove.

Cook till the mixture becomes hot.

Try to make a ball from the mixture when it becomes hot.

If it is not possible, add extra ground date mixture and mix and or add extra ghee and try again.

Cook till the mixture becomes very hot.

Switch off the stove.

Let the mixture cool slightly, so you can make laddus.
11. Make laddus.

Dry fruits laddu is ready.

dry fruits laddu final

TIPS Dry Fruits Laddu
1. Add pista or any other dry nuts or fruits, for instance anjeer, to make the dry fruits laddu richer.
2. Add 1-2 tablespoon of extra ghee to make the laddu tastier.
3. Add 1-2 tablespoon of honey, in Step 11, to make the laddus sweeter and to benefit from the health values of honey.