Banana Halwa Recipe | How to make Banana Halwa

banana halwa recipe

Banana halwa recipe would take a center stage in your mind, if you are thinking of a sweet dish to make for birthday parties or other special events. One thing is for sure about this food: it is delicious. Everyone from children to those young-at-heart, generally, like this sweet. The banana halwa recipe that follows details how to make banana halwa.

When should you prepare banana halwa? In addition to considering it for making it for special occasions, like Gokulashtami, you may think of banana halwa recipe if you have many bananas left, which are riping fast. Such a situation is not uncommon, because you buy this fruit and someone in your family also, inadvertently, purchases it.

Food Fact
banana facts
Bananas are rich in potassium. 100 grams of banana contains 358 milligrams of this mineral.1

Bananas are said to reduce the blood pressure in people who are deficient in potassium.2

Another time you would like to consider banana halwa recipe would be during the festival seasons, when it is typical to have more bananas at home.

Just a few ingredients and simple steps would also make you to find out how to make banana halwa. In fact, you only need five ingredients to make this mouth-watering sweet dish.

The softness of this delicacy and its elastic texture make it a treat to relish. The crunchiness of the cashew nuts and the flavor of the cardamom powder further pleases the taste buds.

What would be a side dish that makes it a great combination with this sweet? Onion pakoda is among the items that you may want to prepare to serve it along with the halwa. Yet another item with a good fit is namkeen.

Go ahead and give this banana halwa recipe a try to make a sweet preparation, which is fresh and that can be made to your taste needs.

Cut the halwa into pieces, after it cools.

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Servings: About 8 pieces


1. Fully ripe bananas 4 / two, heaped cups of banana pieces
2. Sugar 1/2 cup or to taste
3. Ghee 1/4 cup
4. Cashew nuts 8-10
5. Cardamom powder 1/4 teaspoon

How to make Banana Halwa?

1. Cut the bananas into pieces.

banana halwa recipe s1b

Add banana pieces and sugar to a mixer jar.

banana halwa recipe s1c

Grind to a paste.

banana halwa recipe s1d
2. Heat 1 teaspoon of ghee in a thick bottomed utensil or a non-stick kadai.

banana halwa recipe s2
3. Add cashew nuts.

Fry the cashew nuts on a low flame till they becomes light golden brown.

banana halwa recipe s3

Remove the nuts. Keep aside.
4. Add the banana mixture.

banana halwa recipe s4

Keep the flame to medium.

Keep mixing intermittently. Otherwise, the mixture sticks to the bottom and gets burnt.

banana halwa recipe s5

As you cook, the color changes from cream to chocolate-dark, depending on the type of bananas and sugar.
5. As the mixture becomes thick, turn the flame to low.

Add ghee and mix.

banana halwa recipe s5b

Coat a plate with little ghee.

banana halwa recipe s5c
6. Add cardamom powder.

Continue to mix till the mixture becomes a lump and the ghee starts to separate.

banana halwa recipe s6

Transfer the mixture to the greased plate.

banana halwa recipe s6b

Spread and flatten the mixture using a ghee-coated, flat spatula.

banana halwa recipe s6c

Spread and flatten the mixture, depending on the thickness and the number of pieces of the halwa you need.
7. Decorate the banana halwa with the fried cashew nuts.

banana halwa recipe s7

Keep aside to cool.
8. Cut into pieces of desired shape.

banana halwa recipe s7b
9. Banana halwa or banana burfi is ready.

banana halwa recipe final

TIPS Banana Halwa Recipe
1. In addition to, or in lieu of, cashew nuts, use almonds for extra nutrition.
2. If you wish, break the nuts into small pieces and add to the halwa mixture in Step 5.