Ash Gourd Halwa | How to make Ash Gourd Halwa

ash gourd halwa

Ash gourd halwa is also known by such names as kashi halwa, petha halwa or safade kaddu halwa. Whatever the name, it is a super-delicious sweet dish. At the center of the exotic taste of this sweet food is, of course, the ash gourd. It is a vegetable with health properties too. Taste this cuisine once, and you are most likely to add ash gourd halwa or kasi halwa to your list of favorite sweets.

In addition to the super-rich taste of this sweet, another reason to know how to make kashi halwa is it needs only a few ingredients. Ash gourd, khoya, ghee, sugar, cardamom powder, cashews, dry grapes and lemon juice are the only items you need to make this sweet delicacy.

Try to buy the ash gourd or white pumpkin only on the day you want to make the halwa. The reason is the fresher the ash gourd, the better will be the quality of this sweet.

Khoya is not a mandatory item in the ash gourd halwa recipe. However, if you use it the taste of the halwa elevates to a much higher level.

Use fresh khoya to make this dish. In fact, you can make khoya at home just before you want to use it to make this halwa. The benefits of preparing this item at home? The freshness of the khoya and cost savings.

Did you know?
Ash gourd halwa is a typical menu item of lunch for events like gruha praveshams and marriages.

In the ash gourd halwa recipe, the fried cashew nuts and dry grapes give a strong boost to the taste of the halwa and cardamom powder gives a rich flavor to this sweet.

What are some of this dishes with a good fit for ash gourd halwa? Onion pakoda, namkeen or chivda can make eating this sweet dish more enjoyable. As for a beverage, badam milk will have a fine match with this sweet food.

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Servings: 3


1. Ash gourd / white pumpkin / booda kumbalakai / poosanikkai / boodida gummadikaya / safade kaddu, gratings about 2 cups
2. Sugar 1/2 cup or to taste
3. Ghee 3-4 teaspoons
4. Khoya / mawa 2-3 teaspoons
5. Cashew nuts to taste
6. Dry grapes to taste
7. Cardamom powder 1/4 teaspoon
8. Lemon Juice 1/4-1/2 teaspoon

How to make Kasi Halwa?

ash gourd halwa video

1. Remove the outer skin, inner pulp and seeds of the ash gourd.

ash gourd halwa s1

ash gourd halwa s1b
2. Grate the ash gourd.

ash gourd halwa s2
3. Add ash gourd gratings and the juice, to a thick bottom utensil.

ash gourd halwa s3

Cook till the gratings become soft.

ash gourd halwa s3b
4. Add sugar. Mix. As the mixture cooks, it becomes watery.

ash gourd halwa s4

Cook till you get halwa-like consistency.

ash gourd halwa s4b
5. Add about 2 teaspoons of ghee.

ash gourd halwa s5

Mix thoroughly.
6. Heat about 1 teaspoon of ghee in a different utensil.

Add cashew nuts.

Fry till the color of the nuts change slightly.

Add grapes.

Fry till these change to golden brown.

ash gourd halwa s6
7. Add fried nuts to the ash gourd mixture.

ash gourd halwa s7


ash gourd halwa s7b
8. Add lemon juice.

ash gourd halwa s8

You have to add the lemon juice to prevent the sugar from hardening.
9. Crumble and add the khoya.

ash gourd halwa s9


ash gourd halwa s9b
10. Add cardamom powder.

ash gourd halwa s10


Switch-off the stove when the mixture becomes a mass.

ash gourd halwa s10b

If the mixture does not separate from the base and sides of the utensil, add a teaspoon of ghee and mix.
11. Ash gourd halwa, kashi halwa, petha halwa or kaddu halwa is ready.

ash gourd halwa final

TIPS Ash Gourd Halwa
1. Add saffron stigmas or kesari for color and flavor.
2. Add a pinch of edible camphor for a distinct aroma.