Thatte Idli

thatte idli how to make soft idli

Thatte idli is soft. Relish it with sambar and coconut chutney or aloo sabzi. Another side dish that fits well with this steam-cooked food is vegetable sagu. By the way, thatte in Kannada means plate. So, another name for this idli is plate idli. It is also known as soft idli. You can use plates / thattes, rather than the idli stand, to steam-cook the idlis. An advantage of using plates for preparing thatte idli is that you can control the quantity of batter to get thin or thick idlis.

To make thatte idli with thattes / plates, you need to use the thatte idli stand, which is usually available in a store that sells steel utensils. The thattes / plates are part of such a stand.

If you use plates to make the soft idlis, you may want to cut each idli in a plate into four parts. That way, it will be easy to eat this steam-cooked dish.

The soft idli recipe has idli rice, urad-whole, sabudana, and aval as the main ingredients.

A point to note about how to make soft idli is that it does not require idli rava.

Coat the thatte idli with home-made ghee to increase the taste of the food.

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Drinking a glass of ragi ambli or porridge in the morning can be a great way to start a day. Here is the ragi ambli recipe.

Servings: 8-9 Idlis


1. Urad-whole / uddina kaalu 1/4 cup


Urad dal / black gram / uluthamparuppu / minapappu / uddina bele 1/4 cup
2. Idli rice / salem rice 1 cup
3. Sabudana / saggubiyyam / sago / sabakki / seeme akki 1/8 cup
4. Thick aval / avalakki / beaten rice 1/8 cup
5. Cooking soda / sodium-bi-carbonate 1 pinch
6. Salt to taste

How to make Soft Idli?

1. Wash urad-whole and sabudana together.

thatte idli s1

Soak urad-whole and sabudana together in water such that the water quantity should be well above the surface of the items.

thatte idli s1b

Keep aside for 5-6 hours. In this period, if the water is absorbed, add water such that the items are fully immersed.

thatte idli s1c
2. Wash idli rice and thick aval together.

thatte idli s2a

Soak idli rice and thick aval together in water such that the water quantity should be well above the surface of the items.

thatte idli s2b

Keep aside for 5-6 hours. In this period, if the water is absorbed, add water such that the items are fully immersed.

thatte idli s2c
3. Grind urad and sabudana to a paste, using adequate water.

thatte idli s3

thatte idli s3b

Add some more water, mix and grind again till the paste becomes fluffy and it has small bubbles.

thatte idli s3c

Transfer the paste to a utensil.

thatte idli s3d
4. Add idli rice and thick aval to the mixer jar.

thatte idli s4

Grind the mixture to a fine-rava-like paste.

thatte idli s4b
5. Transfer the paste to the utensil containing the urad and sabudana paste.

thatte idli s5

Mix thoroughly.

thatte idli s5b

Keep the utensil covered in a warm place for 8-10 hours for fermentation.
6. The level of the mixture rises after it ferments.

thatte idli s6
7. Take about a tablespoon of the mixture in a ladle. Add cooking soda. Mix.

thatte idli s7

Pour this mix to the utensil containing the paste, in Step 6.

Use a spoon to scoop and drop any paste, left in the ladle, to the utensil.
8. Add salt.

Mix thoroughly with the ladle.

If the mixture is too thick add little water and mix.

thatte idli s8

Thatte idli / soft idli batter is ready.
9. Coat the idli thattes / plates with few drops of oil.

thatte idli s9

thatte idli s9b
10. Pour 1-and-1/2 to 2 ladles of batter into the plate.

thatte idli s10

thatte idli s10b

Use batter quantity for each plate, depending on the thickness of the idlis you like and the size of the plate.

Tap the plate, at one of its sides, so the batter spreads evenly.

Place the thattes / plates in the idli stand.

thatte idli s10c

Do not fill a plate completely, because the batter may rise and overflow during cooking.
11. Heat about 2-and-1/2 cups of water in the idli cooker.

thatte idli s11

Place the idli stand in the cooker, when the water begins to boil.

thatte idli s11b

Close the cooker lid.

thatte idli s11c

Set the flame to high. When the cooker begins to whistle, set the flame to medium.

Steam for about 15 minutes.
12. Remove the lid.

thatte idli s11d

Remove the idli stand from the cooker.

thatte idli s12

Keep aside the plates for few minutes to cool.
13. Dip a flat spatula in water and loosen the sides of the idli by running the spatula around the edge of the plate.

thatte idli s13

Loosen the base and lift the idli.

thatte idli s13b

Thatte idli / soft idli is ready.
Eat / serve with sambar and or chutney.

thatte idli how to make soft idli final

TIPS Thatte Idli / Soft Idli
1. An important point on how to make soft idli is you should use the same water you used for soaking the items, for grinding, because the soaked water contains vitamins.
2. Use this batter for making regular idlis also.
3. If thick aval is not available, use cooked rice.
4. The ingredients given are for grinding in the mixer / blender.
If you use grinder you may have to reduce the quantity of sabudana, because the idlis may become too soft.