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kanchipuram idli

Kanchipuram idli is a delicious and healthy food with its origin in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu. The main items of the Kanchipuram idli recipe are urad-whole, idli rice and raw rice.

The coconut pieces, pepper, ginger and coriander, for example, add to the health value of this steam-cooked food. If you wish to try a new type of idli for breakfast, consider Kanchipuram idli.

Do you have to make sambar as a side dish for this idli? Although sambar could be a choice, coconut chutney and or Indian red onion chutney are perhaps a better fit as side dishes for Kanchipuram idli.

You can pack this idli as a breakfast or lunch for a short trip of one to two days, as this food will not spoil. For this purpose, do not add coconut or coriander to the idli batter.

A main note on how to make Kanchipuram idli is that the plates, and not the idli stand, are typically used to prepare this idlis. The plates' width and depth allow you to control the size of the idlis.

Relish Kanchipuram idlis with home-made ghee. A cup of filter-coffee after you eat the idlis should give you a greater sense of satisfaction.

jolada rotti
Jolada rotti or jowar roti, like methi chapathi, is said to offer excellent health benefits.

Quantity: 10-12 plate idlis


1. Urad-whole / uddina kaalu 3/4 cup


Urad dal / black gram / uluthamparuppu / minapappu / uddina bele 3/4 cup
2. Idli rice / salem rice 1 cup
3. Raw rice 1 cup
4. Cooking soda / sodium-bi-carbonate 1 pinch
5. Ghee 2 teaspoons
6. Mustard seeds 1 teaspoon
7. Cumin seeds 1 teaspoon
8. Dry ginger powder 1 teaspoon
9. Black pepper 1 teaspoon
10. Asafoetida / hing 2 pinches
11. Coriander leaves 1/4 bunch
12. Fresh coconut - small piece
13. Green chilies 3-4 or to taste
14. Salt to taste

Kanchipuram Idli Recipe

1. Wash urad-whole.

kanchipuram idli s1b

Soak urad-whole in water. Keep aside for 5-6 hours.

kanchipuram idli s1c

The color of urad-whole changes after soaking.

kanchipuram idli s1d
2. Wash and soak idli rice and raw rice together.

kanchipuram idli s2b

kanchipuram idli s2c

Keep aside for 5-6 hours.

kanchipuram idli s2d
3. If you will use mixie, here is how to make idli batter in mixie.


Grind urad till the paste becomes fluffy and gets small bubbles.

kanchipuram idli skanchipuram idli s3

Grind the idli and raw rice to a rava-like paste.

kanchipuram idli s4

kanchipuram idli s5

Mix both the paste thoroughly.

kanchipuram idli s6

Cover the utensil and set it aside, in a warm place, for 8-10 hours, for the mixture to ferment.

kanchipuram idli s6a

Fermented batter is shown in the photo.

kanchipuram idli s7

Add cooking soda and salt to the fermented mixture. Mix.
4. Prepare the seasoning:

kanchipuram idli s8

- Heat ghee.

- Add mustard, pepper corns and cumin.

kanchipuram idli s8b

- Fry till cumin turns to golden brown.

kanchipuram idli s8d

- Add ginger powder and asafoetida. Mix.

- Switch-off the stove. Keep aside to cool.

Add the cooled seasoning to the fermented paste. Mix.

kanchipuram idli s8e
5. Chop coriander, chilies, and coconut.

kanchipuram idli s9

Add to the paste. Mix.

kanchipuram idli s9b

Kanchipuram idli batter is ready.
6. Heat about 2-and-1/2 cups of water in the idli cooker.

kanchipuram idli s10
7. Grease the plates.

kanchipuram idli s11

Pour batter into each plate. The quantity of the batter should depend on the width and depth of the plate.

kanchipuram idli s11b

Shake the plate, so the batter spreads evenly.

Do not fill a plate completely, because the batter may rise and overflow during cooking.

Place the plates in the idli stand.

kanchipuram idli s11c
8. Place the idli stand in the cooker, when the water begins to boil.

kanchipuram idli s12

Close the cooker lid.

kanchipuram idli s1312b

Set the flame to high.

Set the flame to medium, when the cooker begins to whistle.

Steam for about 15 minutes.
9. Remove the idli stand from the cooker.

kanchipuram idli s13

Keep aside the plates for a few minutes to cool.

kanchipuram idli s13b

Dip a spatula in water and insert the spatula at an edge of the idli and move the spatula around the edges of the idli to loosen it.

kanchipuram idli s13c

To remove the idli from the plate, insert the spatula at the base of the idli and lift it.

kanchipuram idli s13e
10. Kanchipuram idli is ready.

kanchipuram idli final

Eat or serve with coconut and or onion chutney.

TIPS Kanchipuram Idli
1. Coarse grind the pepper corns and add it to the seasoning, because such pepper mixes well with the batter.
2. Use idli moulds if you do not have idli plates.