How to make Rice Flour Dough for Kolukattai, Kozhukattai, Kadubu or Modak?

how to make rice flour dough for kolukattai, kozhukattai, kadabu, modak

The shell, or the outer part, of dishes like kolukattai, kozhukattai, kadabu or modak is made from the rice flour dough. Use fresh rice flour to make the dough, because only such flour ensures the above dishes will be tasty.

A trait you will like about rice flour dough recipe is it needs only five ingredients. These are rice flour, maida, water, oil and salt.

You should use an accessory like the chapati presser for kneading the rice flour dough.

Keep all the flattened rice flour dough balls in an utensil and cover it. This is to ensure the unused dough and the flattened balls do not become dry.

The shell can have a sweet filling or spicy or khara filling. Some of the common fillings are made from either the sesame seeds, copra, poppy seeds and jaggery or coconut and jaggery. For the spicy version, the filling is made from ground mixture of dals. This mixture is mixed with green leaves like curry and coriander leaves.

Quantity: Rice flour dough to make 20-25 kolukattais or kadabus


1. Rice flour / akki hittu 1 cup
2. Maida 1 tablespoon
3. Water 1-3/4 cups
4. Oil 1 teaspoon
5. Salt 1 pinch

How to Prepare Rice Flour Dough?

video how to make rice flour dough

1. Mix maida and water in a thick bottom utensil.

kozhukattai s71
2. Heat the utensil, stirring the mixture continuously with a wooden spatula.

Add oil and salt.

kozhukattai s1
3. Add the rice flour when the maida mixture rises to the surface.

Leave the spatula inside the utensil.

kozhukattai s3
4. When the water rises to the top, turn the flame to sim mode.

Simmer for 4-5 minutes.
5. Hold the utensil tightly with a cloth or pot holder with one hand and stir the rice flour with the spatula using the other hand.

Continue to stir the rice flour till it mixes completely.

kozhukattai s5
6. Scrape the paste, using another spatula, from the sides of the utensil and push the paste back to the utensil.

kozhukattai s6

Sprinkle few drops of water.
7. Cover the vessel with a tight plate.

kozhukattai s7

Cook for 4-5 minutes.
8. Turn off the stove.

Leave the utensil on the stove for a few minutes.
9. Transfer the entire mixture to a plate or working board.

kozhukattai s9

Using a wooden chapati presser, knead and mix the mixture thoroughly, while the mixture is still hot.

kozhukattai s9b

If you do not have a presser, wait till the mixture becomes warm or till you can handle it. Then, wet your hand and knead.
10. Knead about half-of the dough into a thick, long roll.

kozhukattai s10
11. Dip a knife in water and use the knife and cut the dough into half-inch pieces.

kozhukattai s11
12. Make a ball from each piece and flatten it.

kozhukattai s12

Cover the flattened pieces till you are ready to use them. Otherwise, the pieces will become dry.

Use each of the ball to make a shell / skin of kolukattai, kozhukattai, spicy kozhukattai, kadubu, modak.

TIPS How to make the Rice Flour Dough
1. Always try to use home made rice flour. If you use store-bought flour, kozhukattais may break while making or cooking them.