How to Prepare and Cook Raw Kolukattai, Kozhukattai, Spicy Kozhukattai or Kadubu?

kozhukattai ganesh chaturthi recipes

Kolukattai is a traditional and delicious dish, especially made on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Kolukattai is also known as, among others, kadubu, kozhukattai or modak. Let's find out how to make kolukattai.

A kolukattai has two parts:

1. The shell, skin or the outer part: It is made from rice flour dough. Use fresh and pure, preferably home-made, rice flour to make tasty kolukattais.

2. The filling: Sweet filling and spicy or khara filling are the two types of filling.

This page gives info on how to make kolukattai with a sweet filling made from sesame seeds, copra, poppy seeds and jaggery.

To make a filling made from coconut and jaggery, visit:

Kozhukattai with coconut-jaggery filling

Ghee is an item that boosts the taste of the sweet (and spicy) kolukattais. So, relish or serve this food hot with a liberal amount of ghee.

Things you need:

1. Filling
2. Flattened rice flour dough balls

How to Prepare Raw Kolukattai, Kozhukattai, Spicy Kozhukattai or Kadubu?

Method 1 - By rolling
1. Dip a flattened rice ball in the rice flour, so the ball gets a coat on the two sides.

kozhukattai s16
2. Sprinkle the rolling board with little rice flour to ensure the dough does not not stick to the rolling board while you roll out.

kozhukattai s17
3. Roll out the flattened ball to the size of a poori. The rolled ball should not be too thin.

Use extra rice flour, as you roll out the ball, if it sticks to the board.

kozhukattai s18
4. Place about 1 tablespoon of the filling in the position shown in the photo.

kozhukattai s19

The filling can be:

Coconut-jaggery filling


Sesame seeds-copra-khas khas filling


Spicy filling, which is a ground mixture of chana and other dal, green leaves, chillies, ginger and other.

5. Slightly wet the edges.
6. Lift an edge of the rolled-out ball and bring the edge over the other edge, so the filling is completely covered.

Press and seal the edges firmly near the filling.

Cut the extra dough with a knife or cutter.

kozhukattai s21

kozhukattai s22

Raw kolukattai is ready.
Method 2 - Without rolling
1. Cut a thick and transparent plastic sheet into two, circular shapes. Each sheet should have a diameter of 6-7 inches.

kozhukattai s30

Use a circular plate, with a diameter approximately as above, as a reference to cut the sheet.
2. Place a drop of oil on each of the two sheets. Spread the oil to cover almost the entire surface.

kozhukattai s31
3. Place a flattened rice ball in the center.

kozhukattai s32
4. Cover the flattened rice ball with another plastic paper, such that the oil-coated surface is on the ball.

kozhukattai s33
5. Place a heavy utensil, whose base should be equal to or greater than the size of the kozhukattai you wish to make, on the plastic paper.

kozhukattai s34

Hold one side of the rim with one hand and the opposite side with the other hand and press.

If the dough is hard and if you find it difficult to press, or the rolled-out dough has a broken edge, wet you fingers and knead the ball to make it soft.
6. Remove the utensil. The rice ball will be flattened.

kozhukattai s35

If the rice ball has not flattened fully, press again or flatten it with your fingers.

Remove the top plastic paper.
7. Lift and hold the plastic paper in your left hand.

kozhukattai s36
8. Place the filling.

kozhukattai s37

Wet the edges of the flattened ball.
9. Fold the plastic paper gently and press the paper at the edges of the flattened ball with your right hand fingers to seal the edges.

kozhukattai s38

Do not seal the ends of a raw spicy kozhukattai. The open ends make the kozhukattai cook faster.

Unfold the plastic paper.

kozhukattai s39

Raw kolukattai is ready to cook.

How to Cook Raw Kolukattai, Kozhukattai, Spicy Kozhukattai or Kadubu?

1. Place the raw kozhukattais, one each on a mold of the plates.

kozhukattai s23

Place the plates in the idli stand.
2. Fill the idli cooker with about two cups of water.

kozhukattai s24d

Bring the water to boil.

Insert the idli stand in the cooker.

kozhukattai s24a

Close the cooker lid.

kozhukattai s24c

Steam sweet varieties after the cooker starts to whistle for 5-6 minutes.

Steam spicy variety after the cooker starts to whistle for 12-15 minutes.
3. Kozhukattai / kadabu / kolukattai is ready.

kozhukattai s24b

Serve hot with ghee

kozhukattai final

TIPS How to make Kolukattai?
1. Always try to roll-out the flattened dough ball as thinly as possible. Because kolukattai with thick skin does not taste good.
2. If you do not have have idli cooker then use the pressure cooker. Cooking method is same but do not use the whistle or weight instead cover with a steel glass.