Steam-Cooked South Indian Veg Food Recipes

Steam-cooked food is healthy, as steam cooking retains much of the nutrients in the food.

With traditional cooking, it is possible to overcook the food. In such a case, the food would be less tasty. More importantly, vitamins in the food will be lost.

Research has shown that cooking through boiling preserves only 75% of vitamin C in the food, as vitamin C dissolves in water. In contrast, steaming preserves 85% of vitamin C.

Another potential problem with the traditional way of cooking is burning of the food. With steam cooking, these two issues can be handled without difficulty.

Research findings further reveal that steaming also better retains antioxidants. These are supplied by vegetables like carrots, broccoli and spinach.

From rice idlis to rava idlis, ottu shavige or home-made rice noodles to kozhukattais or kadabus, a variety of food can be prepared through steam cooking.