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tomato recipe

When you think of a tomato recipe, among the recipes that would cross your mind would be tomato chutney. Thanks to its superb taste.

In fact, the fine taste of tomatoes makes many other dishes also, which use this super vegetable or fruit as a main ingredient, mouth-watering.

Health Benefits of Tomatoes - A Quick Overview

Kudos to tomatoes, they not only give a fine color and taste dimension to a cuisine, but are also outstanding from the health view.

Did you know?
A key phytochemical in a tomato is lycopene. It gives the red color to tomatoes. More importantly, it is said to prevent or reduce the risk of some diseases, such as some types of cancers.

A research study says that "the risk of prostate cancer is lower in men reporting higher consumption of tomato products, which contain high levels of the antioxidant lycopene."1

Tomatoes are also said to lower the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

High amount of fiber in food is said to help in the management of diabetes. Because tomatoes are rich in fiber, they are believed to control blood glucose and sugar and insulin levels.

As a vegetable high in water content, tomatoes can work as a natural laxative.

Tomatoes in Indian Vegetarian Dishes

The vegetarian cuisines that use tomatoes fall into two categories: Dishes that have tomatoes as the main ingredient and items that use this vegetable as a secondary item.

The recipes of tomato like the tomato rice, tomato chutney, tomato thokku, tomato rasam and tomato curry use this excellent gift of nature as the primary item. Dishes like onion raita use tomatoes as a secondary item.

To give color and taste to a dish, tomatoes are one vegetable that many use. For example, tomatoes give color to sambar for idli and also please the taste buds. These vegetables also make the food slightly sour or very sour, depending on the type of tomatoes you use.

It is not uncommon to savor dishes like rava upma with a slice or two of tomatoes.

Think of salads, tomatoes must be in your kitchen to make a salad complete. What is one of the vegetables that make onion raita tastier? It has to be a tomato. Sprouted moong salad and cucumber raita are some of the other salads that spring to life with tomatoes.

Here are some of the delicious tomato recipes: