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Tindora recipes cover dishes that include tindora sambar and curry and vangi bhath. Tindora is also known as, among others, tendli, kovakkai, dondakaya, tondli, thonde kayi, ivy gourd or coccina grandis.

Tindora recipes enable you make not only tasty dishes, but also nutritious food.

Which class of vegetables do tindora belong to? It is in the same class of vegetables, such as the cucumber. The scientific name of the family that tindora, tendli or kovakkai belongs to is Cucurbitaceae1.

Sambar and curry are two of the common tindora recipes.

Relish the lip-smacking combination of sambar, which is one of the tendli recipes, rice and home-made ghee. With fried sandige and say, instant lemon pickle, this sambar-rice-ghee mixture will be heavenly.

The tindora curry, which is one of the main tindora recipes, makes a great side dish for items like chapati.

It helps to learn tendli recipes also because of the nutritional and medicinal values of this vegetable.

Did you know?
Vitamin C and Vitamin A are present in large quantities in tendli2. It is said to be used as a medicine for treating a range of diseases. Among these are the lung-related diseases like asthama and bronchitis.

Here are some of the delicious tindora, tendli, kovakkai or thonde kayi recipes: