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indian mango recipes

Indian mango recipes cover dishes like mango chutney, instant and sweet mango pickles and mango rice. The mango or the aam season usually starts from March and ends in July.

Some raw mango varities are sweet or slightly sour and some other are sour to very sour. For instance, totapuri, is usually sweet; the mulgoa is very sour.

One of the Indian mango recipes is the mango rice recipe. It typically uses the mulgoa.

Mango pickles are a very common Indian side dish. Many years ago, come summer, it was common to make such pickles in large quantities to last for a year. The pickles were stored in special utensils called jaadis, which are made from ceramic.

Today, however, not many make pickles in large quantities. Thanks to the modern life styles.

Another reason why many do not make pickles to savor them over a long period is because of the health concerns. Pickles are high in salt content.

Because they make an excellent side dish for items like curd rice, relishing pickles in moderation would be the way to take.

Totapuri Mango
mango recipes indian
Totapuri mangoes, which are a key part of some Indian mango recipes, are long and have an oval shape.

If you like sweet or slightly sour pickles, then try the sweet mango pickles made from totapuri. These are super delicious and have a good fit with items like curd rice.

It is quite common to relish raw totapuri mangoes. Here is how to savor such a mango:

Wash and wipe dry with a clean cloth

Cut the mango vertically into thin pieces in such a way the pieces do not separate at the end,

Sprinkle salt-and-chili powder mixture inside of the pieces, all around, and churn the pieces gently, with both hands, to ensure the mixture spreads evenly.

Break a piece and relish!

Do you like the chitranna or lemon rice? If yes, you may want to try its variant, the mango rice. It is a lip-smacking food in the Indian mango recipes category. Mango gratings take the place of lemon juice. The green chilies, asafoetida and the the urud and the chana dal in the seasoning for this rice further soars its taste higher.

Garnish the mango rice with plenty of fresh coconut gratings and coriander leaves. These make the rice even more delicious.

Here are some of the mouth-watering Indian mango recipes: