South Indian Snacks Recipes

South Indian snacks recipes cover delicious items like masala vada, Maddur vada, samosa, chakli or murukku, kodabale, fried avarebele, medu vada, dahi vada, and khara boondi.

Snacks such as murukku and masala vada are made during festivals like Gokulashtami and Diwali.

Many snacks make the mouth water, and some of them can be eaten in the evening with a hot cup of coffee or tea!

Khara boondi is used for garnishing items like bisi bele bath and dahi vada.

In the past, it was a common practice to make snacks, such as murukku and kodabale, in large quantities, particularly during the Winter season. Specifically, children liked to munch on these food.

Today, such a tradition is less prevalent. Thanks to the busy lifestyles. Further, most snacks are deep-fried. This is another reason why some stay away from snacks for health reasons.

Eating a snack, however, once in a while, in moderation, would be a fine experience.

Try one of the south Indian snacks recipes today.