South Indian Snacks Recipes - Hitikida Avarekalu Recipe

hitikida avarekalu recipe

flat_beans_avarekalu_recipeAvarekalu removed from their pods (center). Flat bean pods or Avarekayi (left and right).

One of the south Indian snacks recipes pertains to fried or karida avarebele. Avarekalu is known by other names, which include surti papdi or flat beans.

This is a delicious snack that can be consumed with coffee or tea.

Fried avarebele contains items like hitikida avarekalu, chopped dry coconut, curry leaves, channa dal, groundnut and aval.

Of the south Indian snacks recipes for evening, this recipe would be one of the first.

This south Indian snack recipe is a fine side dish too for lunch or dinner. The rice-sambar-fried avarebele trio is a delight to relish.

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Servings: 3-4


1. Hitikida avarekalu / fresh avarebele / flat beans dal 1/2 cup
2. Groundnut 1 tablespoon
3. Channa dal 1 tablespoon
4. Dried coconut, cut into thin slices 1 tablespoon
5. Curry leaves 1-2 sprig
6. Dried red chili 1
7. Avalakki / aval / poha / beaten rice, thick variety, 1/2 cup
8. Oil for deep frying
9. Red chilli powder 1/2 teaspoon (optional)
10. Salt to taste

How to make Fried Avarebele from Hitikida Avarekalu?

1. How to make hitikida avarekalu / avarebele?

Remove avarekalu from its pod.

Soak avarekalu in water for 8-10 hours.

Drain the water.

Take a bean and press it between the thumb and fore finger. The skin separates from the bean. Discard the skin. The dal is the avarebele.

Repeat this procedure for the entire avarekalu.

hitikida avarekalu recipe s1
2. Spread the dal on a plate for 3-4 fours.

hitikida avarekalu recipe s2
3. Soak channa dal in warm water for 1 hour.

Drain the water.

Spread the dal on a cloth or paper napkin or plate for 3-4 hours.

hitikida avarekalu recipe s3
4. Heat oil in a deep frying utensil.
5. Gently add a fistful of avarebele to the oil.

Turn the heat to medium mode.

Stir the avarebele with a spatula. First, the dal goes to the bottom of the oil. Then after a few minutes the dal floats, indicating it is fried.

hitikida avarekalu recipe s5a

Turn the heat to low or sim mode.

Fry for few more minutes.

hitikida avarekalu recipe s5b
6. Remove the fried dal from the oil and place them on a paper napkin.

hitikida avarekalu recipe s6

Fry the remaining avarebele.
7. Add groundnuts to the hot oil and fry. After some time, their skin starts to break.

Fry for one minute.

Remove the groundnuts from the oil. Drain the oil in the groundnuts.

hitikida avarekalu recipe s8
8. Add dried coconut slices to the hot oil and fry. As soon as their color starts to change remove the slices from the oil. Otherwise, they will burn.

hitikida avarekalu recipe s9
9. Add channa dal to the oil and fry. Follow the same procedure similar to frying the avarebele.

hitikida avarekalu recipe s10
10. Take a small steel juice strainer.

Add half tablespoon of thick avalakki, aval or poha.

hitikida avarekalu recipe s11

Dip the strainer in the hot oil.

Keep it in the oil using one hand and, simultaneously, fry with a spoon using another hand, till the avalakki "blooms".

hitikida avarekalu recipe s11b
11. Remove the strainer from the oil.

Drain the oil.

hitikida avarekalu recipe s12b

Follow the same procedure with the rest of the avalakki.
12. Fry the curry leaves and the chili.

hitikida avarekalu recipe s13
13. Mix the fried dal, channa dal, dried coconut slices, groundnut, thick avalakki, curry leaves, broken chilli, chilli powder and salt.

hitikida avarekalu recipe s14
14. Fried avarebele is ready.

hitikida avarekalu recipe

TIPS How to make Fried Avarebele from Hitikida Avarekalu?
1. Prepare another variety of this snack, using only the avarebele.