Samosa Dough Recipe

samosa dough recipe

A main ingredient of the samosa dough recipe is maida. With the dough, make the shell or outer part of the samosas. To retain the crispiness of the shell for more time, use fine rava or rice flour to prepare the dough. A point to note about the samosa dough recipe is that making the dough is a key step in preparing quality samosas.

From the samosa dough recipe, given in steps and with photos, which follows, learn how to make samosa dough.

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Quantity: Dough for 12 Samosas


1. Maida 1 cup
2. Fine rava or chiroti rava or rice flour 1 tablespoon
3. Ajwain / carrom seeds 1/8 teaspoon
4. Ghee or oil 3 tablespoons
5. Water 1/4 cup
6. Salt to taste

How to make Samosa Dough?

1. Mix maida, chiroti rava or rice flour, ajwain, ghee or oil, and salt. This recipe uses oil.

samosa dough recipe s1
2. Make the dough:

Add few teaspoons of water to the mixture. Mix.

Repeat the above procedure till the dough is just soft.

An info you should keep in mind on how to make samosa dough is it should neither be too hard nor too soft. It should be slightly soft.

After mixing, wait for a few minutes.

Check the dough: If the dough is hard, add few teaspoons of water and mix again.
3. Samosa dough is ready.

samosa dough recipe final

Cover with a wet cotton cloth.

Keep aside for 15-20 minutes before preparing the raw samosas.

TIPS Samosa Dough Recipe
1. You can make the dough without using fine rava or rice flour also, if these ingredients are not available.