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masala pori

Masala pori, bhadang, murmura chivda or spicy puffed rice are some of the names for this super-tasty snack. It is a treat to eat this food, especially in the monsoon season or on a cold or rainy day! Relish masala pori with a cup of hot coffee or chocolate milk. This combination can soak your taste buds in the happiness plateau.

A news that will further delight you about the masala pori recipe is you can make the masala pori or bhadang in about 15 minutes.

From pori to groundnuts, curry leaves to coriander leaves, these and other items of the murmura chivda recipe are typically available in your kitchen all the time.

'A Secret'
A highlight of this masala pori recipe is it uses a ground mixture of green chili, garlic, curry leaves, pudina and coriander leaves to make this Indian snack lip-smacking.

Dry coconut or copra, roasted gram and groundnut adds more depth to the taste of this snack. Turmeric, as an item of this recipe, gives a color and flavor to this dish. More importantly, it adds health value to this food.

Use the stout, more puffed pori, commonly known as Bangalore puri in Karnataka, to make tastier and less-salty masala pori.

To see the photos of two of the types of puri, visit the Puffed Rice Recipe page.

How about the preparation steps? In four broad steps, you can make the masala pori or bhadang. First, make the ground mixture. Second, prepare the tempering. Third, add the pori or the puffed rice. Last, mix. And, you are ready to serve or eat this snack!

Store the masala pori in an air-tight steel or glass container to retain the crispiness of the pori for more time.

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Servings: About 4


1. Murmura / kadle puri / puffed rice / pori / borugulu / maramaralu / mandakki 2 cups
2. Oil 1-and-1/2 tablespoons
3. Mustard 1/4 teaspoon
4. Groundnuts / peanuts 1/4 cup
5. Roasted gram 2 tablespoons
6. Dry coconut / copra, chopped as thin and long pieces, 1/4 cup
7. Garlic cloves 8-10
8. Green chilies 2-3
9. Curry leaves 2 sprigs
10. Coriander leaves, roughly chopped, 8-10 sprigs
11. Pudina leaves 10-12
12. Turmeric 1/8 teaspoon
13. Chana dal 3-4 dals
14. Salt to taste

How to make Masala Pori?

masala pori video

1. Grind garlic, green chilies, 5-6 curry leaves, pudina and coriander, without adding water.

Grind as fine as possible.
2. Heat oil in a thick utensil.

Set flame to low.
3. Add mustard when the oil becomes hot.
Use chana dal as an indicator of how long to fry the groundnut. When this dal turns light golden brown, the groundnut is adequately fried.

Add chana dal when the mustard starts to splutter.

5. Add groundnut.

Fry till the dal turns to light golden brown.
6. Add the remaining curry leaves.

Fry for about 15 seconds.
7. Add the ground mixture.

Fry till the mixture become crispy.
8. Add dry coconut.

Fry for a minute or till the coconut becomes hot.

Add roasted gram, turmeric and a few pinches of salt.

Because some variety of puffed rice already contains salt, keep a tab on the quantity of salt you will use.

Fry for about 30 seconds.
9. Add pori or puffed rice.

Mix. Taste and add salt if required.

Fry till the pori becomes crispy.

Switch off the stove.
10. Masala pori, murmura chevda or spicy puffed rice is ready.

masala pori final

TIPS Masala Pori
1. Add cashew nuts to make the masala pori tastier and nutritious.
2. Store in an air-tight glass bottle or steel container, only after the murmura chivda cools down completely.
3. You can store the spicy puffed rice for 2-3 weeks.