How to make Onion Pakoda | How to Prepare Onion Pakora | Onion Pakoda Recipe

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Use the info that follows on how to make onion pakoda to make this extremely popular snack, for events like get-together functions and birthday parties. Pakoda, also known as pakora, has existed since decades. What's more, it is generally liked by all. Learn how to make onion pakoda and prepare this food at home to your taste needs.

What gives this snack its fine taste? The key item that make it delicious is the onion. Next in line are the besan and maida and rice flour. Corn flour helps retain the crispiness of onion pakora for more time.

For dishes like rava upma too, onion pakora can be a good side dish. It fits well as a side dish for lunch too. It is not uncommon to relish this snack with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Serve / eat this food when it is hot.

A 'secret' on how to prepare onion pakoda is that you should not use too much flour, as it can take away some of the taste of this food.

Because this snack is very tasty, it is possible to overeat it. Do keep a watch, however, on how many onion pakoras you eat. The reason is, as with many snacks, this dish is deep-fried.

Can onion pakora be savored as is? Yes. Eating it with coconut chutney or tomato sauce, however, would be more enjoyable.

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Servings: 2-3


1. Besan / gram flour / senaga pindi / kadalai mavu / kadale hittu 4 tablespoons
2. Rice flour 1 tablespoon
3. Maida 1 tablespoon
4. Corn flour 1 teaspoon
5. Onions 2
6. Coriander leaves, chopped, 5-6 sprigs
7. Green chilies, chopped, 2-3
8. Curry leaves, roughly chopped, 2 sprigs
9. Ginger, chopped, 1 teaspoon
10. Jeera / cumin seeds 1/2 teaspoon
11. Hing few pinches
12. Oil 1 tablespoon for mixing
13. Oil for deep frying
14. Salt to taste

How to Prepare Onion Pakoda?

how to make onion pakoda video

1. Cut the onions into thin, long pieces.

how to make onion pakoda s1
2. Add onions, salt, coriander leaves, curry leaves, ginger, green chilies,
hing and oil to a utensil.

how to make onion pakoda s2

Mix thoroughly with a slight pressure to separate the onion layers.

how to make onion pakoda s2b

Keep aside for about 5 minutes, so the water content in the onions will be released.
3. Add besan, maida, corn flour, jeera and rice flour to the onion mixture.

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4. Make the dough:

Mix without exerting pressure.

Sprinkle water and continue to mix only till the flour binds to the onion.

Add more flour and mix, if necessary.

Be careful about the quantity of water you add to the mixture, because excess water makes the mixture too soft.

As you mix the mixture, it will stick to your fingers, which is typical while making the dough.

The onion pakoda dough / raw mixture is ready.

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5. Heat oil in a kadai.

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To test if the oil is adequately hot, gently drop a small portion of the dough into the oil. If it sizzles and floats, then you are ready to make the pakodas.

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6. Wet your hand.

Take a fistful of dough and carefully drop small portions of it, one at a time, into the oil.

how to make onion pakoda s6

how to make onion pakoda s6b

how to make onion pakoda s6c

Set the flame to low when the pakoda turns to light golden brown.
7. Fry till the pakoras turn to golden brown.

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Place the onion pakodas on paper napkins to let it absorb any excess oil.

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how to make onion pakoda s7c
8. Onion pakoda is ready.

how to make onion pakoda final

TIPS How to make Onion Pakoda?
1. If the quantity of the flour is less, add besan or any flour of your choice.
2. If you are making onion pakoras in large quantities, dry grind, instead of cutting, the coriander leaves, chilies and ginger and then add to the onion pieces.
3. If you wish add a teaspoon of garlic paste, as it is said to aid digestion.
4. Do you want the pakoras to be more crispy for a long time?

Fry the pakoras two times:

First time, fry till the pakoras are light golden brown. Remove and set the pakoras aside to cool.

Second time, fry till the pakoras are golden brown.