How to make Medu Vada?

medu vada

"How to make medu vada?" one of my neighbors, who is from Dehradun, asked me during a conversation. Here is the medu vada recipe, in steps and with photos, I gave her. Urud dal / uddina bele / is the main ingredient of this food. It is also known as, among others, uddina vada and urud vada. The steps for how to make medu vada are few, which means it is easy to make this dish.

Medu vadas is a traditional south Indian vegetarian dish, and the idli-vada duo makes a good combination for breakfast or as early evening food.

It is common to eat medu vada, usually at restaurants. At some of these places, the oil content in the vada might be high. If you make this vada at home not only you can control the amount of oil, but also tailor the food to your taste needs.

Medu vada recipe requires that you soak the urud dal for two hours. You should also grind the dal in a way to make a slightly coarse batter. It enables you to make crispy and soft uddina vadas.

Coconut chutney and onion-tomato sambar are two of the best choices as side dishes to savor medu vadas.

Learn how to make dahi vada, another avatar of medu vada.

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Servings: 15-20 medu vadas


1. Urad dal / black gram / uddina bele / minapappu / uluthamparuppu 1 cup
2. Rice flour 1 teaspoon
3. Water 1 cup
4. Pepper corns 15-20
5. Green chilies 2-3
6. Ginger 1/4-inch piece
7. Cooking soda 1 pinch
8. Coconut pieces small 1/2 tablespoon
9. Salt to taste
10. Oil for deep frying

Medu Vada Recipe

1. Wash the urad dal.

how to make medu vada s1

Soak urud dal for 1-and-1/2 to  2 hours.

how to make medu vada s1a
2. Chop chili and ginger. Keep aside.

how to make medu vada s2
3. Drain the water, you used in Step 1, to a bowl.
4. Grind the urad dal into a slightly coarse paste.

how to make medu vada s4

If you are unable to grind, add some water from Step 3. If this water is not sufficient, add extra water. Grind again.

how to make medu vada s4b

Transfer the batter to a bowl.
5. Add pepper, chopped chilies, coconut, ginger, salt, soda and rice flour.


Medu vada batter is ready.

how to make medu vada s5
6. Heat oil in a kadai.

how to make medu vada s6
7. Check if the oil is properly heated:

Drop a dal-sized batter to the oil. If the batter comes to the surface immediately, then you are ready for the next step. Otherwise, heat the oil for some more time and check again.
8. Wet your palm.
9. Take lemon or bigger size batter, depending on the size of the vada you wish to make, and place it on the left palm.

Flatten the batter slightly. 

Make a hole in the center.

how to make medu vada s9
10. Drop the vada gently into the oil, making sure you do not touch the hot oil.

how to make medu vada s11
11. Fry till both sides of the medu vada turn to golden brown.

how to make medu vada s13

Medu vada / uddina vada / urud vada is ready.

Serve hot with onion-tomato sambar and coconut chutney.

how to make medu vada final

TIPS How to make Medu Vada
1. To make the vadas crispy:

- Use less water while grinding.

- Do not over-grind.
2. Make the vadas soon after you prepare the batter, so the vadas do not consume more oil.