Ambode Recipe | Paruppu Vadai Recipe | How to make Paruppu Vadai

ambode recipe

Ambode recipe should be on your list of snacks recipes, because ambode is super-delicious. It is also known as paruppu vadai. Whatever the name, once you taste it the experience would remain in your mind for a long time. Ambode is a common item on the lunch menu of many functions. Let's discover more about the ambode recipe.

Kadale bele, kadalai paruppu or chana dal is a main ingredient of the ambode recipe or the paruppu vadai recipe. Hing, coconut gratings and green chilies add to the taste weight of ambode. Curry leaves and coriander leaves also push the taste forward. Further, these green leaves increase the health value of this snack.

Did you know?
Ajwain, and hing, help in the digestion of the food.

It is quite easy to make ambode. Do note, however, you have to plan ahead to make this deep-fried snack. The reason is you have to soak the kadale bele, kadalai paruppu or chana dal for about two hours. Once it is ready, you can make this snack in 20-30 minutes.

Ambode or paruppu vadai shares many of the traits of masala vada, from the ingredients and cooking method view. What is the distinction between the two snacks? Some differences include: Ambode is slighlty stouter and smaller in size. It is also less crispier than masala vada.

If you want to make a vada that will last longer, consider ambode. It will remain in a good condition for more time, because it doesn't contain items like onions.

You can relish ambode without a side dish. Want to please the taste buds more? Try coconut chutney or ridge gourd chutney. These are among the side dishes that can lift the taste of ambode higher.

Store the ambodes in an air-tight container.

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15-16 Ambodes


1. Kadale bele / kadalai paruppu / chana dal / chanaga Pappu / bengal gram dal 1/2 cup
2. Rice flour 1 teaspoon
3. Green chilies 2-3
4. Coconut gratings 2 tablespoons
5. Ginger small piece
6. Curry leaves, chopped, 1 sprig

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7. Coriander leaves, chopped, few sprigs
8. Ajwain / ohm kalu 1/4 teaspoon
9. Hing, few pinches
10. Water 3/4 cup
11. Salt to taste
12. Oil

How to make Paruppu Vadai?

video ambode recipe

1. Wash kadale bele or kadalai paruppu. Add about 3/4-cup of water.

ambode recipe s1

Soak the kadale bele for about 2 hours.

ambode recipe s1b

Strain the water to a bowl.

ambode recipe s1c

Do not discard the strained water, because it contains nutrients. Use this water for grinding, if required.
2. Add kadale bele, green chilies, ginger, coconut gratings and salt to a mixer jar.

ambode recipe s2
3. Grind the items into a coarse paste. Use the water, if required, from Step 1, for grinding.

ambode recipe s3
4. Transfer the ground mixture to an utensil.

Add green leaves, rice flour, ajwain and hing to the mixture.

ambode recipe s4
5. Heat about 2 teaspoons of oil and add it to the mixture.

ambode recipe s5


ambode recipe s5b

The ambode mixture is ready.
6. Heat oil for deep frying in a kadai.

ambode recipe s6

Keep the flame to medium.
7. Make small lemon-size balls from the ambode mixture.

ambode recipe s7
8. Coat your left hand palm with little oil.
9. Wet the fingers of your right hand and use these to wet your left palm.

Flatten a ball on the palm when the oil becomes hot.

ambode recipe s9

Make thick raw ambode. Otherwise, it will be difficult to lift it from your palm.

Remove the flattened ambode, from the palm, gently with your fingers, and carefully drop into the hot oil.

ambode recipe s9a

ambode recipe s9b

Add more raw ambodes, depending on the quantity of oil.

ambode recipe s9c
10. Flip the ambodes when these come to the surface.

ambode recipe s9d
11. Turn the flame to low, when the ambodes turn to light golden brown.

ambode recipe s9e
12. Fry till these turn to golden brown.

ambode recipe s9f

Remove the ambodes or paruppu vadais from the oil and place them on a paper napkin.

ambode recipe s9g

Ambode is ready.

ambode recipe final
video ambode recipe

TIPS Ambode Recipe
1. Add cooking soda to make soft and crispier ambodes. From health view, however, do not use this soda.
2. Add lemon juice, in Step 4, to give the ambodes a tangy taste.
3. Add cinnamon powder, in Step 4, to give a distinct flavor to this snack.