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masoppu recipe

Add masoppu recipe to your list of favorite soppu recipes, for masoppu, or mixed-leaves sambar, is a super-healthy and tasty sambar. Ragi mudde and this masoppu make a superb combination. Relish it with chapati, roti, dosa or rice too. Masoppu is a cuisine native to Karnataka.

What gives this food an excellent healthy edge? The green leaves! Palak (spinach), dhantu (amaranth), sabsige (dill), methi (fenugreek) and chakkotha leaves are a storehouse of medicinal values. Further, ingredients like tomato, garlic and jeera add to the health qualities of masoppu.

Masoppu recipe needs only the common ingredients, What's more, it has only few, simple steps. Increase the variety of green leaves (soppu) or their quantity. This way you can benefit more from the health advantages green leaves offer.

Make masoppu within hours you buy the green leaves, because only fresh leaves enable you make this sambar without losing much of their nutrients.

If you are making this sambar for ragi mudde, some of the side dishes that have a good fit with this duo are roasted pappad, preferably the one made from horse gram (hurali kaalu happala), herali kayi pickle and raw onion.

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3-4 cups


1. Mixed green leaves like palak (spinach), dhantu (amaranth), sabsige (dill), menthya (methi), chakkotha, 3/4 of each, small bunch
2. Toor dal 1/4 cup
3. Onion, diced, 1
4. Garlic 8-10 cloves
5. Tomato 1
6. Green chilies, 2-3 or to taste
7. Jeera 1 teaspoon
8. Coriander leaves, few sprigs
9. Turmeric 1/4 teaspoon
10. Poppy seeds / gasa gase / khas khas 1 teaspoon
11. Fresh coconut gratings 1/4 cup
12. Tamarind juice to taste
13. Salt to taste
14. Water
15. Oil few drops

For Seasoning (optional):

1. Oil 1 teaspoon
2. Hing / asafoetida 2 pinches (optional)
3. Mustard seeds 1/4 teaspoon
4. Curry leaves 1 sprig

How to make Masoppu?

masoppu recipe video

1. Soak poppy seeds in about 2 teaspoons of water.

masoppu recipe s1
2. Wash toor dal twice in a pressure cooker and soak the dal in about 3/4
cup of water.

masoppu recipe s2
3. Clean and wash the greens leaves.

Refer to How to Pick and Clean Methi Leaves, the steps of which applies also to other green leaves.

masoppu recipe s3
4. Add a few drops of oil and turmeric to the dal.

masoppu recipe s4

Add green leaves.

masoppu recipe s4b

Add onion, chilies, and garlic.

Cut the tomato into half, scoop out the pulp and add.

Fill the scooped-out tomato slice with jeera and add.

masoppu recipe s4c
5. Pressure cook for 1-2 whistles on a low flame.

masoppu recipe s5

Remove the lid when there is no pressure.

masoppu recipe s5b

Remove onion, garlic, chilies and tomato pieces and transfer to a bowl.
Use a large mixer jar to grind, because while grinding the green leaves and other ingredients the mixture may spurt.

Grind coconut and poppy seeds to a fine paste.

masoppu recipe s6
7. Add tamarind juice and onion-garlic-tomato mixture.

masoppu recipe s7

Grind to a paste.

masoppu recipe s7b
8. Add dal and leaves.

masoppu recipe s8

Switch-on and switch-off, for two times, in quick successions.

masoppu recipe s8b

Do not grind continuously, because the mixture will become a fine paste.

If the mixture is hot, while grinding, hold the jar lid with a thick-layered cloth to prevent the spurting of the mixture.
9. Transfer the ground mixture to a utensil.

masoppu recipe s9

Add salt. Mix.

Adjust the consistency by adding water.

masoppu recipe s9b

Switch-on the stove.
10. Adjust the salt and tamarind. If you want the masoppu to be spicy, add chili powder when the mixture starts to boil.

Cook for 7-10 minutes or till you get the aroma of sambar.

masoppu recipe s10
11. Prepare the seasoning:

Heat oil in a separate utensil.

masoppu recipe s11a

Add hing when the oil becomes hot. Mix.

masoppu recipe s11b

Add mustard.

masoppu recipe s11c

Add curry leaves when the mustard splutters.

Fry till the leaves become crispy.

masoppu recipe s11d
12. Add chopped coriander leaves to the boiling mixture.


masoppu recipe s12
13. Add the seasoning.

masoppu recipe s13


Switch-off the stove.

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14. Masoppu or mixed-leaves sambar is ready.

masoppu recipe final

TIPS Masoppu Recipe
1. You can use only three or four types of green leaves, if you do not have all the leaves. However, this sambar would not be tasty.
2. Use only the green chilies or chilies and chili powder.