Sweet Corn Salad with Sprouted Moong

sweet corn sprouted moong salad

It is a classic food, because it is tasty and healthy.  In the sweet corn recipes vegetarian category, this food takes a top spot.  Make the sweet corn salad more useful by adding sprouted moong (mung / green gram).  Fresh, juicy sweet corn and fresh sprouted moong is essential for making this cuisine tasty and beneficial.

If you are hungry between meals, do not snack a fried item.  Opt for a small bowl of sweet corn-sprouted moong salad instead.

Sweet corn has, among others, carbohydrate, protein and fiber. Sprouted moong has Vitamin C and B12 and proteins.

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Servings: 3-4


1. Sweet corn kernels 1/2 cup
2. Sprouted moong (mung / green gram / hesarukalu) 1/2 cup
3. Spring onion 2 
4. Coconut gratings 1 tablespoon
5. Lemon juice to taste
6. Salt to taste
7. Pepper to taste (optional)

How to make Sweet Corn-Sprouted Moong Salad?

1. Chop spring onions into fine pieces.

2. Mix sweet corn, sprouted moong, spring onion pieces, coconut gratings, lemon juice and salt.




3. Sweet corn-sprouted moong salad is ready.

sweet corn sprouted moong salad

TIPS Sweet Corn Salad
1. Add a 1/4 teaspoon of chat masala to get a chat-like taste.