Onion Raita

onion raita

What is one side dish, for example, a pulao cannot do without? It has to be onion raita. Some call it as onion-tomato raita or tomato raita. Whatever the case, if you know how to make onion raita, you can prepare a healthy and tasty side dish.

Food Fact
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The onion raita recipe needs just a few ingredients. Furthermore, onion raita can be prepared in only a few minutes.

What are the main items of the onion raita? In addition to onion, tomato and curd are the key items. To make this salad, try to use only fresh, home-made curd.

This salad makes the main dish like pudina pulao or khara pongal tastier.

Onion raita is also a fine side dish for vangi bhath and ghee rice, which are super-delicious rice dishes.

The onion raita also serves as a side dish for lunch or dinner.

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Servings: 3


1. Thick curd / yogurt 1/2 cup
2. Tomato 1
3. Onion 1
4. Green chilli 1
5. Salt to taste

How to make Onion Raita?

1. Chop onion into thin slices.


Chop tomato into thin slices.

2. Chop green chilli into fine pieces.
3. Mix curd, chopped onion and tomato, green chilli pieces and salt in a bowl.

Make sure to mix only just before you want to eat or serve. Otherwise, the raita may become sour.

Onion raita, onion-tomato raita or tomato raita is ready.

onion raita

TIPS Onion Raita
1. If the curd or yogurt is not thick, keep it in a juice strainer for 5-10 minutes to drain the excess water.
2. Add finely-chopped cucumber to the onion raita to make it tastier.