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sabudana kichdi

Sabudana kichdi is a dish with a superb taste and a traditional root. It is typically made to break the fast during the Navaratri period or on the day of Shivratri or another such festival. For breakfast and dinner, on the other days too, sabudana kichdi is a fine choice for its health benefits.

Among the other names for this dish is sago khichdi.

Sago, also known as pearl tapioca, is said to work as a body coolant.

Food Fact
High sodium in food may lead to blood pressure.1

Sabudana is low in sodium. In every 100 grams of sabudana there is only one milligram of this mineral .2

A reason why sago khichdi is eaten to break a fast is to avoid potential acidity problems because of fasting.

See the photos of the three of the types of sabudana on the Sago and Barley page.

Did you Know?
Sago starch might be a substitute for wheat or corn-flour starch, as sago is said to be gluten-free. For such reasons, sago starch can be a good alternative to make dishes like pies and cakes.

To thicken a soup, too, you may want to use sago starch.

Is this dish easy to make? Absolutely. What's more, with just the common ingredients you can make this food. This should be among the reasons to know how to prepare sabudana khichdi.

Some, who make this dish to break a fast, do not add mustard, tomato and carrot.

Add coarsely-ground groundnut powder to ramp up the taste of this simple, yet tasty food even higher.

Do not forget to garnish sabudana kichdi with plenty of fresh coconut gratings and a few drops of lemon juice to leave an indelible taste stamp on the taste buds.

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Servings: 2


1. Sabudana / sago / sabut dana / javvarisi / sabakki / saggubiyyam / seeme akki 1/2 cup
2. Oil 1 tablespoon
3. Mustard 1/4 teaspoon
4. Groundnut / peanut 1 tablespoon
5. Green chilies 1-2 or to taste
6. Curry leaves 1 sprig
7. Potato, 1
8. Tomato, chopped, 1
9. Carrot, gratings, 1
10. Coconut gratings 1 tablespoon
11. Sendha namak / salt to taste
12. Chopped coriander leaves, 1 tablespoon
13. Lemon juice to taste

How to Prepare Sabudana Khichdi?

1. Wash sabudana 2-3 times or till the water is clear.

sabudana kichdi s1

sabudana kichdi s1b

sabudana kichdi s1c

Add about 1 cup of water.

Soak the sabudana over-night or for 5-6 hours.

sabudana kichdi s1d

sabudana kichdi s1e
Soaked sabudana

The quantity of water, and length of time, for soaking the sabudana depends on its type.

To test if the sabudana is well-soaked:

Press a sabudana between your fingers. If it is not hard in the center, it is soaked well. Otherwise, soak for some more time and test again.

Transfer the sabudana to a strainer to drain the excess water.

sabudana kichdi s1f
2. Dry fry the groundnuts till these crackle and get some brown spots.

sabudana kichdi s2

Powder the nuts coarsely, using a pestal or mixer.

sabudana kichdi s2
3. Cut the potato into desired-size pieces.

sabudana kichdi s3

Do not remove the skin of the potato because the skin is also said to be nutritious.
4. Heat oil till it becomes hot.

sabudana kichdi s4
5. Add mustard.
sabudana kichdi s5

Add jeera when the mustard start to splutter.

Fry till the jeera turns to golden brown.

sabudana kichdi s5b
6. Add chilies and curry leaves.

sabudana kichdi s6

7. Add potato pieces.

sabudana kichdi s7


Add little salt.

Cook till the potatoes become soft, making sure to mix often.

sabudana kichdi s7b
8. Add tomato.

sabudana kichdi s8

Fry till the tomato pieces become just soft.

sabudana kichdi s8b
9. Add carrot gratings.

sabudana kichdi s9

Fry for a few seconds.

sabudana kichdi s9b
10. Add sabudana and salt.

sabudana kichdi s10

Cook on a low flame.

Mix gently often till the sabudana becomes soft and transparent.

sabudana kichdi s10b

sabudana kichdi s10c

Switch-off the stove.

If you do not use tomato and carrot, then sprinkle a few teaspoons of water, while cooking.
11. Add groundnut powder, coconut, coriander leaves and lemon juice.

sabudana kichdi s11

12. Sabudana kichdi / sago khichdi is ready.

sabudana kichdi final

TIPS Sabudana Kichdi
1. Do not use more tomatoes, because the kichdi will become sticky.
2. Use ghee, in place of oil, in Step 4, to prepare this dish with a richer taste.