Tomato Pulao Recipe | How to make Tomato Pulao

tomato pulao recipe

Tomato pulao recipe would be among your first choice of recipes when you want to make a dish from rice and tomato. It is a dish that gets a top score on the taste yardstick. Tomato pulao recipe would also be a forerunner as an item for special events and on holidays.

The simple steps and less cooking time should further stoke your interest to know how to make tomato pulao.

As a main ingredient of the recipe of this dish, tomato offers many health benefits. With tomato pulav, thus, you have the best of both worlds: super taste and health advantages.

At the heart of the taste of the tomato pulao, in addition to tomato, are the ingredients that include garam masala, dhania powder and red chili powder. The turmeric powder gives a fine flavor to this dish and adds to its health value.

Onion, the humble vegetable, too chips in to ramp-up the taste of tomato pulav. Further onion has many medicinal properties, making it a key item of this rice dish.

The tomato pulao-cucumber raita combination can make the taste buds crave to relish this food. Coconut chutney too, as a side dish, has a fine fit with tomato pulav. Corn chips or potato chips, cucumber or fresh home-made curd are also good choices.

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Servings: 2-3


1. Rice 1/2 cup
2. Oil 2 teaspoons
3. Butter 1 tablespoon
4. Ginger-garlic, crushed, 1/2 teaspoon
5. Onion 1
6. Tomato, chopped, 2
7. Red chili powder 1/2 teaspoon or to taste
8. Dhania powder 1/2 teaspoon
9. Turmeric 1/8 teaspoon
10. Garam masala 1/4 teaspoon
11. Salt to taste

How to make Tomato Pulao?

1. Wash the rice and drain the water.

keep aside for about 20 minutes

tomato pulao recipe s1

Heat oil and butter in a pressure cooker till the butter melts.

tomato pulao recipe s2
2. Add onion.

tomato pulao recipe s3

Fry till the onion becomes soft.

tomato pulao recipe s3b
3. Add crushed ginger-garlic mixture.

Fry till there is no raw smell.

tomato pulao recipe s4.
4. Add tomatoes and little salt.

Fry till the tomatoes become soft.

tomato pulao recipe s5 
5. Add all the powders.

tomato pulao recipe s6

Fry till the oil separates.

tomato pulao recipe s6b
6. Add about 2 cups of hot water. Add salt. Mix

tomato pulao recipe s7

Bring to boil.

tomato pulao recipe s7b
7. Add rice.
tomato pulao recipe s8


tomato pulao recipe s8b

Mix again when the mixture starts to boil.

Cover the lid.

tomato pulao recipe s9

Cook until the cooker whistles twice or cook according to your cooking preference.

Wait till the pressure subsides.
8. Remove the lid.

tomato pulao recipe s10


tomato pulao recipe s10b
9. Tomato pulao is ready.

tomato pulao recipe final

TIPS Tomato Pulao
1. Garnish with fresh coconut gratings for extra taste.
2. Add cashews in Step 3 to make the dish richer.
3. Use green chilies, in addition to or in lieu of chili powder, to make the pulao spicier.