Sweet Pongal Recipe

sweet pongal recipe

You would want to know the sweet pongal recipe because you have tasted this mouth-watering food, perhaps at your relative's or friend's place or at a restaurant, and now want to make this sweet dish at home.

Whatever the reason, apart from its super-delicious taste, sweet pongal and the regular or khara pongal have deep roots in tradition also.

These two rice dishes are made on the day of Sankranti, also known as Pongal. Further sweet pongal and khara pongal are given as prasadam in many temples.

With the sweet pongal recipe that follows, find out how to make sweet pongal.   This method of making this sweet food is usually followed in Karnataka.

Is it easy to make this dish? As you learn how to make sweet pongal, you will experience that, unlike many other sweet preparations, the time and effort to make this rice delicacy is less.

How about the ingredients? Good news here again. You need only the common items to make sweet pongal.

In the sweet pongal recipe, ghee is the main item that brings the richness, texture and taste to this food. Moong dal and jaggery, among others, in this food, gives health benefits too.

Here is some info about jaggery benefits, in the blog.

Here is the khara pongal recipe, should you be interested to make this pongal also.

Here is how to make akkaravadisal or paal pongal, which is another variety of sweet pongal made from milk.

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Servings: Three to four


1. Rice 1/3 cup
2. Moong dal / hesaru bele/ pesara pappu / paasi paruppu 1/3 cup
3. Ghee 3-4 teaspoons or to taste
4. Jaggery pieces 2/3 cup or to taste


Jaggery pieces should equal the total quantity of rice and moong dal.
5. Cashew nuts 10-15
6. Dry grapes / raisins, about 20
7. Poppy seeds 1/2 teaspoon
8. Elaichi / cardamom / elakki powder 1/4 teaspoon
9. Dry coconut gratings 1-2 tablespoons
10. Water

How to make Sweet Pongal?

sweet pongal recipe video

1. Dry fry moong dal till it becomes hot.

sweet pongal recipe s11

sweet pongal recipe s11a
2. Wash rice and moong dal together twice in a pressure cooker. Drain the water.

sweet pongal recipe s12

Add two cups of water.

Keep aside for about 20 minutes.

sweet pongal recipe s12b

Set flame to low.

Cook rice and moong dal till 1-2 whistle(s).

sweet pongal recipe s2c

sweet pongal recipe s12c
3. Heat jaggery with 1 cup of water in a utensil.

sweet pongal recipe s13


Cook till the jaggery dissolves.

sweet pongal recipe s13b

Jaggery syrup is ready.
4. Strain the syrup to a thick-bottom utensil.

One of the important steps on how to make sweet pongal is filtering the jaggery syrup:

- Pour the syrup to the strainer slowly to remove any foreign particles.

Any items like sand and soil that may be present in the jaggery syrup will remain in the utensil.

sweet pongal recipe s14

Bring to boil.

sweet pongal recipe s14b

Add rice-and-dal mixture.

sweet pongal recipe s14c


sweet pongal recipe s14d

Cook on low flame and mix intermittently.
5. On another burner, fry poppy seeds in an utensil till these splutter.

sweet pongal recipe s15

Remove the poppy seeds and keep aside.
6. Add about 2 teaspoons of ghee.

sweet pongal recipe s16

Add cashews when the ghee becomes hot.

Fry till the color changes slightly.

sweet pongal recipe s16b

Add grapes.

Fry till the cashews turn golden-brown.

sweet pongal recipe s16c
7. Reference to Step 4:

Cook till the rice absorbs some syrup and it mixes well with the rice and the remaining syrup becomes thick.

sweet pongal recipe s17a

Add the cashews-grapes-ghee mixture.

Add poppy seeds, dry coconut gratings and cardamom powder.


sweet pongal recipe s17

sweet pongal recipe s17b

Add the remaining ghee.

sweet pongal recipe s17c


sweet pongal recipe s17d

Switch-off the stove.
8. Sweet pongal is ready.

sweet pongal recipe final

TIPS Sweet Pongal Recipe
1. If the pongal becomes too thick, add 1/4-1/2 cup of boiled milk or water and mix.
2. Use less ghee to make sweet pongal with fewer calories.
3. Eat or serve this food soon it is made, because as the pongal cools it becomes thick.