Rice Roti using Cooked Rice | Rice Roti Recipe | How to make Rice Roti

rice roti with cooked rice

Rice roti is tasty and healthy. Here's more good news: you can make this roti easily using cooked rice. The conventional way of making this south Indian vegetarian dish takes little more time than making the same roti using cooked rice. So, this method is a definite time-saver. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, rice roti has a fine fit.

Use leftover rice or freshly cooked rice to make the rice rotis. These rotis are a healthy choice, in particular with leftover rice, in comparison to, say the lemon rice.

Kudos to the rice roti recipe, as it does not require any oil. This star trait of the recipe of rice roti should kindle your interest to know how to make rice roti. Further, the rice roti using cooked rice would be a welcome addition to your list of dishes that doesn't require oil.

Another feather in the cap of the rice roti recipe is it is very light on the ingredients. What's more, these are the common items typically available everyday on the shelves of your kitchen.

Everyone in general likes rice roti. Thanks to its taste and digestibility relative to say, a chapati.

Homemade rice flour is the key to make soft and tasty rice rotis using cooked rice.

Small quantities of rice flour can be made at home. For large quantities, you may want to get the flour done at a mill. Prior to giving the rice to the mill operator, check with that person that rice flour was made in the immediate previous batch to ensure the other flour, for example ragi or wheat flour, doesn't get mixed with your rice flour.

Use a wooden presser to press the raw rice roti while it is cooking, as such a presser is an ideal and convenient tool, to make the rotti puff.

A top-class side dish for rice roti using cooked rice is badanekayi ennegayi. The next in the line is coconut chutney. Tomato bajji is also a good choice.

Smear a dollop of fresh butter on a hot rice roti and relish. The roti, butter and a side dish like badanekayi ennegayi, will make your taste buds spellbound.

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Quantity: 6


1. Cooked and cooled rice 3/4 cup
2. Rice flour 3/4 cup
3. Rice flour for dusting, about 1/4 cup
4. Salt to taste
5. Water about 1/4 cup

How to make Rice Roti using Cooked Rice?

rice roti using cooked rice video

1. Add rice to a mixer jar.
Keep aside about 2 tbsp. of rice flour. You will have to use it, if the ground mixture of cooked rice and rice flour becomes too soft.

Add rest of the rice flour.
3. Add salt.

4. Grind till the mixture becomes a mass.

If the rice doesn't grind, switch off.

Add 1-2 teaspoons of water.


Grind till the mixture becomes a mass.

If the mixture becomes too soft, add rice flour as necessary and grind.
5. Transfer the mixture to a plate.

Mould the mixture into a cylindrical shape.
6. Make big lemon-size balls and flatten them.
7. Roll-out a flattened ball into a slightly thick roti using rice flour.
8. Heat a roti tava, on a medium to high flame till it becomes hot.
9. Sprinkle a few drops of water.

Wipe with a dry cloth.
10. Place the raw roti on the tava.

Smear the surface with wet fingers.
11. Flip after bubbles appear.

Cook for a few seconds.
12. Press with a presser till the roti puffs.

Cook till both sides have some brown spots.

Rice roti using cooked rice is ready.

rice roti using cooked rice final

TIPS Rice Roti using Cooked Rice
1. If the cooked rice is soft, there is no need to add water while grinding.
2. Always sprinkle water on the tava and wipe it before you cook each roti.