Ottu Shavige / Akki Shavige / Home-made Rice Noodles using Rice Flour

ottu shavige

Ottu shavige, a super-delicious rice cuisine, also known as idiyappam, can be made using raw rice or rice flour, among others. This recipe gives the steps to make ottu shavige using rice flour. An advantage of using this ingredient to make ottu shavige is that you save time and effort, because you do not use raw rice and, therefore, the steps of soaking and grinding are not there.

You need to use the ottu shavige machine / chakuli press or machine to make this food.

The ottu shavige you make using rice flour will be softer and tastier when compared with making the same food using raw rice.

This cuisine also scores well on the health scale, because ottu shavige is steam-cooked. What is more, it is also easily digestible.

Use copra-poppy seed kheer or coconut chutney as a side dish with ottu shavige.

Do not forget to make rice shavige upma / akki shavige uppittu from ottu shavige, as this food is even more delicious. You can also make tomato upma or pepper upma, using this home-made rice noodles instead of upma or vermicelli.

Learn how to make ottu shavige from raw rice.

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1. Rice flour 2 cups
2. Maida 2 tablespoons
3. Water 3 cups
4. Oil 1 teaspoon
5. Salt 2 pinches

How to make Ottu Shavige using Rice Flour?

1. Prepare maida paste:

Mix maida with half a cup of water.

ottu shavige 2 s1
2. Heat 2-and-a-1/2 cup of water, oil and salt in a thick bottomed utensil.

ottu shavige 2 s2
3. Add maida paste when the water starts to roll boil, stirring continuously with a wooden spatula.

ottu shavige 2 s3
4. Add rice flour when the maida mixture starts to boil.

Leave the spatula inside the utensil.

ottu shavige 2 s4
5. When the water rises to the top, turn the flame to sim mode.
6. Simmer for 5-7 minutes.
7. Hold the utensil tightly with a cloth or pot holder with one hand and stir the rice flour with the spatula using the other hand.

Continue to stir the rice flour till it mixes completely.

ottu shavige 2 s7
8. Scrape the paste, using another spatula, from the sides of the utensil and push the paste back to the utensil.
9. Remove the spatula and cover the vessel with a tight plate.
10. Turn off the stove.

Leave the dough on the stove for a few minutes.
11. Transfer the entire mixture to a plate.

ottu shavige 2 s11

Using a wooden chapati presser knead and mix the mixture thoroughly, while the mixture is still hot.

ottu shavige 2 s11b
12. Take a small quantity of the mixture and make it into the shape of the cup of the ottu shavige machine.

Ensure each ball fits into the cup.
13. To make the dough cook fast:

Make a hole in the center of the ball, wetting your finger or using a knife.

ottu shavige 2 s13
14. Arrange the balls in a circular pattern in a bowl, which fits inside an idli cooker.

ottu shavige 2 s14
15. Add water to an idli cooker. The quantity of water should be adequate to steam.

Heat the cooker till the water boils.
16. Place the bowl inside the idli cooker and steam for 8-10 minutes.

ottu shavige 2 s16a

ottu shavige 2 s16b

Make sure the water in the idli cooker does not enter inside the bowl.
17. Remove the bowl from the cooker and keep it aside for 2-3 minutes.

ottu shavige 2 s17
18. Place one ball in the cup of the ottu shavige machine while the ball is still hot.

ottu shavige 2 s18

Place a plate below the cup to collect the home-made rice noodles.
19. Rotate or press (according to your machine) the handle of the machine.

ottu shavige 2 s19
20. Rotate the plate as you rotate / press the handle, so the home-made rice noodles will spread on the entire plate.

ottu shavige 2 s20
21. Repeat Steps 18-20 for the second and other balls. Use another plate to collect the noodles.

After each noodle-set cools, transfer it immediately to a bowl and cover it.
22. Ottu shavige / akki shavige / home-made rice noodles is ready.

Serve with copra-poppy seed kheer and or coconut chutney.

ottu shavige using rice flour final

TIPS How to make Ottu Shavige or Akki Shavige?
1. Make the noodles while the balls are hot, otherwise it would be difficult to rotate the machine handle.
2. Ensure there is adequate water in the idli cooker.
3. Use a pressure cooker, if you do not have the idli cooker, without putting the whistle (weight).