How to make Curd Rice?

how to make curd rice

The fine taste of curd rice could be one of the reasons to know how to make curd rice. It is a traditional and healthy south Indian vegetarian food you can make it at home easily. The recipe of curd rice needs just the common items. These two reasons should further encourage you to know how to make curd rice.

Among the other reasons to learn how to prepare curd rice is curd is a treasure trove of outstanding medicinal qualities. Want to use fresh curd for this food? Here is how to make curd at home.

In addition to curd and rice, the recipe of curd rice has milk, onion and ginger as some of the main items.

Because curd rice can be made in just a few steps and that it is healthy, it is common to pack this food for lunch for school-and-college-going children and young adults. For those who go to work and carry lunch with them, curd rice, again, is an exceptional item to pack, not just for one day, but every working day.

Food Fact
Research studies have indicated that more yogurt / curd consumption may strengthen the immune system. It in turn might reduce the risk of diseases, such as infection and gastrointestinal disorders.1

Going on a picnic? Consider packing chitranna or bisi bele bath and curd rice for lunch. Traveling by a train, which departs at a time that is too early for lunch or dinner? You may want to pack plain curd rice and eat it in the train. A benefit is this rice would be light on the stomach.

If you do not want the curd rice to be spicy, do not add the seasoning. Another advantage of the plain version is it would be healthier. However, if you want to make this rice cuisine tastier, seasoning it would be the way to go.

Here is how to prepare curd rice that is tastier and healthier: Whether you want to make plain or spicy curd rice, you should add three items. These are pomegranate (in season), dry grapes and cashew nuts. The pomegranate, in particular, is said to be a storehouse of medicinal values.

Food Fact
pomegranate health benefits
"Clinical research shows that pomegranates, when part of a healthy diet, might help prevent heart disease, heart attacks and strokes."2

As a side dish for this food, an instant lemon pickle, for example, is an excellent choice. Namkeen, particularly if it is made at home, would be another option. Sandige, too, would make the curd rice taste great.

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Servings: 2-3


1. Cooked rice 1 cup
2. Curd / yogurt / mosaru / dahi / thayir / perugu 1 cup
3. Milk 1/4 cup
4. Onions 1 small (chopped)

Onions are a treasure trove of medicinal gems. Read about the Health Benefits of Onions in the blog.
5. Dry grapes 15-20
6. Pomegranate seeds 1 tablespoon
7. Green chili 1 (chopped)
8. Pepper, coarsely ground 1/4 teaspoon
9. Ginger (chopped), 1/4 teaspoon

Read more about the Health Benefits of Ginger in the blog.
10. Coriander leaves, chopped 1 tablespoon
11. Salt to taste

For seasoning:

1. Oil 1-2 teaspoons
2. Dried chili 1
3. Mustard seeds 1/2 teaspoon
4. Channa dal 1 teaspoon
5. Urad dal 1 teaspoon
6. Jeera or cumin 1/2 teaspoon
7. Curry leaves 2 sprigs
8. Cashew nuts 8-10
9. Hing / asafoetida 2 pinches

How to Prepare Curd Rice?

1. Use soft cooked rice.

how to make curd rice s1

If the rice is hot, spread it on a plate so it cools quickly.
2. Heat oil in a utensil.

how to make curd rice s2
3. Add mustard seeds when the oil becomes hot.
4. Add chana dal. Mix.

how to make curd rice s4
5. Add cashew nuts, jeera and urad dal.

Fry till the cashew nuts turn to golden brown.

how to make curd rice s5
6. Add red chili, curry leaves and hing or asafoetida. Mix.

how to make curd rice s6

Switch off the stove.

Keep the seasoning aside to cool.
7. Add curd and milk to the rice. Mix.

how to make curd rice s7

Keep aside for 20-30 minutes.

Because the rice absorbs the curd and milk, the mixture thickens.
8. Add the seasoning and other ingredients, except the salt, to the rice mixture.

how to make curd rice s8


how to make curd rice s8b
9. When you are ready to serve, add salt and mix.

Curd rice is ready.

how to make curd rice final

TIPS How to make Curd Rice?
1. If the cooked rice is hard, mash it lightly to make it soft.
2. Do not mix curd with hot rice, because the mixture becomes sour.
3. Add salt only when you are ready to eat or serve. Otherwise, the curd rice becomes sour.
4. If you are planning to eat the curd rice, say after 4-5 hours, increase the quantity of milk and decrease the quantity of curd.

The reason for the above is the curd rice becomes sour if you initially add the recommended quantity of curd.
5. In lieu of, or in addition to, dry grapes, add fresh grapes in season. These increases the taste and nutritional value of the food.
6. If the curd rice becomes thick, add more curd or milk, based on your taste preference.