Chawal ki Roti | How to make Chawal ki Roti | Chawal ki Roti Recipe

chawal ki roti

Chawal ki roti is a delicious roti, which, in general, everyone likes. If this roti is of masala type, it will be tastier. It is common to make this roti for breakfast, typically on Sundays or holidays. The recipe that follows is for the masala version of chawal ki roti.

Plain and Masala Roti
What is a key distinction, other than the taste, between plain and masala types of chawal ki roti?

The first one does not require oil; the second needs it and also has ingredients like onion and green leaves.

If you want to make the first type of roti, here is the recipe that tells how to make akki roti, which is another name for rice roti.

A main item in the chawal ki roti recipe, other than the rice flour, is the green leaves. These are coriander, dill and curry leaves. You can also add pudina and methi leaves.

All the above leaves add much health weight to this roti. The taste and the health benefits should kindle your interest to know how to make chawal ki roti.

The other items in the chawal ki roti recipe include onion, green chilies and jeera.

Til chutney or coconut chutney, for example, is a great side dish for masala chawal ki roti.

If you do not have the time or interest to make a chutney, you do not have to worry. For, this roti actually does not need a side dish. Use a dollop of butter, chutney powder and or instant lemon pickle to relish this cuisine.

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Quantity: 3-4 rotis


1. Chawal ke atta / rice flour / akki hittu / biyappindi / arisi maavu / aripodi / rice atta, about 1 cup
2. Onion 1

Here is some info about the onion benefits, in the blog.
3. Green chilies 2-3
4. Curry leaves 2 sprigs
5. Coriander leaves 1/4-of-a bunch
6. Dill leaves / sabakki soppu / sabsige / savaa / sathakuppi sompa / sabasiege 1/4-of-a bunch
7. Jeera / cumin seeds 1/4 teaspoon
8. Water 1 cup
9. Oil for cooking
10. Salt to taste

How to make the Dough for Chawal ki Roti?

chawal ki roti video

1. Clean and wash the leaves.
2. Chop the onion and leaves.

chawal ki roti s2
3. Add jeera and salt to the chawal ka atta or rice flour.

chawal ki roti s3

4. Add all the other chopped ingredients.

chawal ki roti s4


chawal ki roti s4b
5. Bring to boil 1 cup of water.
6. Add the boiled water to the mixture while mixing it with a spatula.

chawal ki roti s6
7. After you are able to handle the mixture:

Mix and knead the mixture thoroughly till it becomes soft.

chawal ki roti s7

If the dough becomes too soft, add more flour and mix.

The dough for chawal ki roti is ready.

chawal ki roti s7b

How to make Chawal ki Roti?

The steps to make and cook the raw chawal ki roti are similar to that of ragi roti.

For a detailed description of the steps below, refer to the section How to make Ragi Roti.

Make about 3-4 balls from the dough.
2. Place a few drops of oil on a holige paper, butter paper or aluminum foil.

Spread the oil on the entire surface.

chawal ki roti s9b
3. Place a ball on the center of the paper.

Wet your fingers or dip them in the oil.

Flatten the ball, with your fingers, as shown in the photo.

chawal ki roti s10a

chawal ki roti s10


Directly flatten the ball on the tava.

Let the tava cool before you flatten each roti.
4. Heat a chapati or dosa tava.

chawal ki roti s10b

Place the raw roti on the tava and peel the paper.

chawal ki roti s11a

Cook both sides till each side is golden brown.

chawal ki roti s11b

chawal ki roti s11
5. Chawal ki roti, rice roti, akki roti or akki rotti is ready.

chawal ki roti final

TIPS Chawal ki Roti
1. Add carrot gratings and or fresh or dry coconut gratings to make the rotis more nutritious and delicious.
2. Use home-made rice flour for soft and crispy rotis.