Rava Recipes

Rava has other names that include suji and semolina.

Broadly there are three types of rava:

1. Local or medium rava
2. Fine rava or chiroti rava
3. Bansi rava

A number of delicious vegetarian dishes can be made from rava. For instance upma is a popular south indian vegetarian cuisine made from rava.

Upma is usually conusmed as a breakfast or as a light evening food. Either way, rava upma with a slice of tomato and a garnishing of coconut gratings and a few drops of lemon juice can make this humble food more tastier.

Vegetable upma is another avatar of the regular upma. Carrot, green beans, peas are some of the vegetables used to prepare vegetable upma. It is more nutritious than its common counterpart.

Rava or suji idli is another popular south Indian vegetarian dish made from rava. Relish rava idli with pudina chutney or coconut chutney.

Kesari bath or rava kesari and pineapple kesari bath, which are super-delicious sweet dishes, is also prepared from rava.