Rava Laddu with Coconut | Rava Coconut Ladoo | Rava Laddu Recipe

rava laddu with coconut

Rava laddu with coconut is nothing but a pure delight to the taste buds. This sweet dish has a bridge to the tradition too. Rava coconut ladoo is made on the festival days like Maha Shivaratri, Krishna Janmashtami and Diwali. For whatever purpose you make it, you can call rava laddu with coconut by another name, mouth-watering sweet.

Fresh coconut gratings is in command, as an item of the rava laddu recipe, to make this sweet ooze with a fine taste. Cashew nuts, almonds, dry grapes, cardamom, and ghee chime in also to raise the taste of the rava coconut ladoo to new heights.

The rava laddu recipe is not today's or yesterday's recipe. It's probably hundreds of years old. The recipe's age is nothing but a proof of the strong stamp of taste it has placed on the palates over the years.

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If you would like to make a fast, simple, yet a fine sweet dish for, say a festival, to celebrate an event or a get-together, then think no farther than rava ladoo with coconut.

Chop pista and fry it along with items like cashew nuts to make the rava coconut ladoo tastier and more nutritious.

Rava ladoo with coconut makes it first to the finish point against some of the other sweets in the health run, because the rava ladoo recipe does not require any deep frying.

Use home-made ghee to make this ladoo, as the ghee will be fresher.

Because the rava laddu contains raw coconut gratings, make sure you place each laddu in the plate with a gap between any two laddus. This ensures that the ladoo doesn't get spoilt. Further, store this sweet only after six to eight hours.

What utensil should you use to store rava laddu with coconut? A glass bottle or steel box are the best choices. Avoid plastic for health reasons.

Eat or serve rava coconut ladoo with a fresh cup of filter coffee or tea and with masala pori or khara puri.

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Quantity: About 14 laddus


1. Rava / semolina / sooji / upma rava / rave 1 cup
2. Fresh coconut gratings 1 cup
3. Sugar powder from 1 cup of sugar or to taste
4. Ghee 1 tablespoon
5. Cashew nuts, broken, 20-25
6. Dry grapes 30
7. Almonds, broken, 15
8. Cardamom powder 1/2 teaspoon
9. Hot milk or ghee, each few tablespoons

Use, only if needed, while making the laddus.

How to make Rava Laddu with Coconut?

rava laddu with coconut video

1. Heat the ghee, till it melts, in a thick bottom utensil.
2. Add cashews nuts and almonds.

Fry till the nuts color change slightly.

Add dry grapes.

Fry till the cashews turn golden brown.

Transfer the nuts to a bowl.
3. Add rava.

Fry till you smell the aroma of roasted rava.
4. Add coconut gratings.

Break the coconut and grate it just before starting Step 1. This is because the fresher the coconut gratings, the tastier will be the rava coconut ladoos.

Add sugar, keeping aside about 2 tablespoons.


Switch-off the stove.
5. Add fried nuts and cardamom powder.


Level and press down.

Cover with a plate.

Wait for about 5 minutes.
6. Remove the plate.

Taste and if needed add sugar and mix.

Make laddus.

Make the laddus when the mixture is still hot. Otherwise, it may be difficult to make the ladoos.

If you are unable to make laddus even if the mixture is hot, add hot milk or ghee, mix and make the laddus immediately.

Keep laddus apart.

Cover with paper napkins.

Keep aside for 6-8 hours before storing.
7. Rava laddu with coconut or sooji laddu is ready.

rava coconut ladoo

TIPS Rava Laddu With Coconut
1. You can store the rava laddus for 4-5 days at room-temperature.
2. Add any dry nuts of your choice to make the laddus tastier and more nutritious.