Recipe for Rasam

Are you looking for recipe for rasam, especially the south Indian rasam recipe? You are at the right place.

Rasam, the name itself brings a warm feeling. On a winter day or when you are tired or when you just want to break the monotony of the everyday menus, a rasam fits the bill for these scenarios and more.

The liquid food, rasam, is a super-delicious cuisine that brings an exciting dimension to your lunch or dinner. It also works as an appetizer. The rice-rasam combination is sure to brighten-up your mood!  Some even consume rasam, as is, without the rice.

Rasam is an easily digestible food. It is also given to those who are ill.

An info you will come to know about the rasam receipe is that most rasams are easy to make. So, if you are short on time or you do not want to cook a sambar, a rasam would be a great choice.

With the recipe for rasam, prepare a variety of rasams. These include tomato rasam, toor dal rasam, moong dal rasam, pepper-garlic rasam and jeera rasam.