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ragi poori

Ragi poori is one of the more delicious items in the ragi recipes category. It is healthy too in relation to the regular wheat poori. Thanks to ragi, a world's super-food. It is rich in, among others, calcium, iron and fiber. What's more, unlike wheat, ragi does not contain gluten and is easily digestible. If you want to add an item to your list of breakfast choices, then ragi poori is a great option.

Ragi poori recipe is feather-light on the ingredients. Ragi flour is the main ingredient of the ragi poori recipe. All the other items are the same you use in everyday cooking.

The steps to make ragi poori are few and simple. These reasons should make you keen to know how to make ragi poori.

Buy ragi and get the flour done in a mill to ensure the flour is fresh and free from any impurities. Such a flour makes the ragi poori tasty and healthy.

Food Fact
ragi health benefits
Sprouted ragi is said to increase its iron content.1

For the above reason, you may want to use sprouted ragi to make ragi flour.

The Health Benefits or Ragi, in the blog, has info on how to sprout ragi.

The three of the best side dishes for ragi poori are:

Because cold pooris will be slightly hard and less tasty, eat or serve ragi pooris hot.

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8-9 pooris


1. Ragi flour / flour of finger millet, mundal, kezhvaragu, nachni or ragulu 1 cup
2. Salt to taste
3. Hot water to make the dough
4. Oil for deep frying
5. Accessory: Two transparent plastic sheets

How to make Ragi Poori?

ragi poori video

1. Mix ragi flour and salt, while adding hot water, using a spoon.

Stop adding water, when the mixture becomes almost wet.

ragi poori s2

Keep aside for a few minutes to let the mixture cool enough to knead.
2. Knead for a few minutes and make slightly soft dough.

ragi poori s3

If the mixture or dough is soft, add more flour and knead.

If the mixture or dough is hard, sprinkle little water and knead.

Cover and keep aside for about 20-30 minutes.

ragi poori s3b

Ragi poori dough is ready.
3. Heat oil for deep frying.

ragi poori s4
4. Make small lemon-size balls and flatten them.

ragi poori s5
5. Oil a plastic sheet.

Place a flattened ball on the sheet.

ragi poori s6b

Place a drop of oil on the flattened ball.

Cover with another plastic sheet.

ragi poori s6c

Roll-out using a rolling-pin.

ragi poori s6d

ragi poori s6e

Peel the top plastic sheet.

ragi poori s6f
6. Remove the raw poori from the plastic sheet and drop the raw poori carefully and gently into the hot oil.

ragi poori s7

Gently press with a skimmer. When the ragi poori puffs up, turn it upside down.

ragi poori s7b

Cook till both sides have golden tinges.

ragi poori s7c

While the poori is cooking, gently splash the oil on the sides of the poori with the skimmer. This will ensure the sides are also cooked.

Remove and place the poori on paper napkins.

ragi poori s7d
7. Ragi poori is ready.

ragi poori final

TIPS Ragi Poori
1. Roll the poori, in Step 6, in such a way that the rolled poori is neither too thin nor thick to make sure the poori puffs while frying.