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ragi ambli

Ragi ambli or porridge is one of the ragi recipes that is said to have exceptional nutritional value. A main ingredient of this food is ragi flour. You may want to make this flour from sprouted ragi. Why? It is said to have more iron. Ragi ambli is said to work as a body coolant and be a remedy for acidity.

In addition to ragi flour, the ambli needs only three everyday items: curd or buttermilk, water and salt. What is more, it is one of the raagi recipes easy to make.

The ragi ambli does not use any sweetener, which is another advantage of this food.

A great way to start a day is perhaps by drinking or eating ragi ambli or porridge.

Use more buttermilk or water to prepare the ambli, if you want to drink it; use less of the same ingredients to eat the ambli.

Ragi ambli is usually consumed when it is cold and in the summer months.

Because of the goodness of ragi ambli, you may want to add it to the list of your favorite raagi recipes.

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Servings: 1 cup


1. Ragi flour / finger millet flour / flour of nachni, mundal, kezhvaragu or ragulu 2 tablespoons
2. Water 1 cup
3. Roasted jeera powder 1/4 teaspoon
4. Curd / yogurt or buttermilk about 1/2 cup
5. Salt to taste

How to make Ragi Ambli?

ragi ambli video

1. Mix ragi flour with 1/4-cup of water.

ragi ambli s1

ragi ambli s1b

Add remining water and salt. Mix.

ragi ambli s1c
2. Heat the ragi mixture, while stirring continuously, and bring it to boil.

ragi ambli s2

ragi ambli s2b

Set the flame to low.

Boil for 3-4 minutes.

The cooked ragi mixture will have a shiny surface layer.

Add salt and jeera powder. Mix.

Switch-off the stove. Keep aside to cool.

Mix the mixture frequently, when it is cooling, to prevent a dry layer forming on the surface.

Initially, the mixture will be thin, as shown in the photo.

ragi ambli s2c

ragi ambli s2d

If the mixture is very thick, grind it with curd or buttermilk. Skip Step 3.
3. Beat the curd and add to the ragi mixture. Mix.

ragi ambli s3b

ragi ambli s3c

ragi ambli s3d
4. Ragi ambli / porridge is ready.

ragi ambli final

TIPS Ragi Ambli
1. To prevent the ragi ambli or porridge becoming sour, add the curd after the ragi mixture cools down completely.
2. If you wish to cool the ambli fast, keep the utensil with boiled ragi mixture in a utensil containing cold water.
3. If you plan to eat or drink the ragi ambli in the early morning:

Follow Steps 1-2 the previous night. Follow Step 3, the next day early morning.


Follow Step 1 in the previous night. Follow Steps 2-3, the next day early morning.
4. You can also eat or drink ragi ambli without adding curd or buttermilk, but the ambli or porridge will be less tasty.