How to Make Ragi Mudde?

how to make ragi mudde

Ragi mudde or ragi ball made from ragi (finger millet) flour is a top-of-the-class vegetarian food. It has many health benefits and is said to prevent or control diabetes. Ragi aids weight loss and works as a great body coolant. It is not uncommon today to find people who eat more dishes made from ragi than rice with the goal to prevent or control diabetes, lose weight, or maintain good health.

ragi health benefits
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Ragi mudde is consumed generally in Karnataka and in some parts of Andhra Pradesh.

Farmers use this food for breakfast and or lunch, as it gives them the strength and stamina to work in the fields for long hours. These people and others in the rural areas usually eat hard ragi mudde. The reason is that it digests slowly and gives them the strength to work all day long.

For people, who sit and work for a long time, such as computer professionals, however, soft ragi mudde should be adequate for easy digestion.

An important point you have to note about ragi mudde is you have to fully-cook the mudde. Otherwise, it may upset the stomach.

Sambar, for example spinach sambar, pieces of raw onion, pickles, cucumber and papad are an excellent combination with ragi mudde!

"How to eat ragi mudde?" is a question that some first-time eaters of this food have. Take a very small portion of the mudde, dip it in the sambar and swallow. Enjoy!

Learn how to make ragi mudde and make it your everyday food and reap its benefits.

The recipe that follows is for hard ragi mudde. How to make Soft Ragi mudde has the answer to prepare soft muddes.

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Number of Muddes: Two


1. Ragi flour 1 cup
2. Water 1-and-1/4 cup
3. Salt to taste (optional)

How to make Ragi Mudde?

1. Heat water in a thick bottomed aluminum / non-steel utensil.

how to make ragi mudde s1

Add little salt.
2. Add one cup of ragi flour when the water begins to boil. Do not mix.

how to make ragi mudde S4

Simmer for 5-7 minutes or until the white smokes come out.
3. Hold the utensil tightly with a cloth or pot-holder with one hand and stir the ragi flour with the spatula with the other hand.

Continue to stir the ragi flour till it becomes a uniform paste without lumps.

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4. Scrape the paste, using another spatula, from the sides of the utensil and push the paste back to the utensil.

Flatten the surface of the paste with wet spatula.

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5. Remove the spatula and cover the vessel with a tight plate.

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6. Continue to cook in sim mode for another 2-3 minutes.

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Turn off the stove. Let the paste stand for few more minutes.
7. Coat a plate with little oil.

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8. Take about half portion of the paste using a spatula and place it on the plate.

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9. Wet your hand and roll the paste into a ball on the plate.

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Repeat the procedure for the other half portion and make another ball.

Ragi mudde is ready.
10. Serve with sambar, pickles, onion, cucumber, and papad.

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TIPS How to make Ragi Mudde?
1. If the paste becomes too thick while stirring it, add little boiling water and stir well again.