Puffed Rice Recipe

maramaralu upma
Puffed Rice - Bangalore Puri

puffed rice upma
Puffed Rice - Mysore Puri

A common puffed rice recipe is for making upma or a snack. This type of rice is also known as, among others, maramaralu, pori and mandakki. A highlight of the puffed rice recipe is that it enables to prepare most of the cuisines fast.

From upma to bhel puri to puffed rice seasoned with oil, mustard, curry leaves, groundnut and salt, a range of food can be prepared from this variety of rice.

Feeling hungry between meals? Try eating a few spoons of puffed rice. If you wish you can mix it with few roasted grams or with little namkeen.

In Karnataka, two types of puffed rice is available: the Bangalore and Mysore puri (see photos). The latter is a little thinner and longer than the Bangalore puri.

The first type is used, for example, as an ingredient of rice idli batter and for making bhel puri.

The second type is used for, among others, making upma.