Pickle and Pappad Recipes

Which are two of the side dishes common in a south Indian vegetarian lunch or dinner? It is without a doubt, pickles and pappads. Of the two, pickles are more common. Try the gravy part of a few pickles with a small portion of hot rice. You would find this combination to be tasty! Pappads also add a tasty dimension to many of the cuisines.

Pickles: Mango pickle is very popular. Amla or gooseberry, lemon, garlic, cucumber and vegetable pickles are some of the other varieties.

When preparing pickles much salt and or oil is added, as these serve as natural preservatives. The large quantity of pickles, for use over a long time, is stored in special ceramic jars.

Pappads: These are of two types: roasted and fried. A number of ingredients are used to make pappads. The items include rice, dal, cumin seeds and pepper. Some types of pappads have chilies in their items’ mix.

Roasted pappads are considered to be relatively healthier than fried pappads. As with most fried items, however, fried pappads are tastier. These are common items served for lunch or dinner in events like marriages or house-warming ceremonies.

You might have already tried a pappad with rice and sambar or rice and rasam, and have found the food to be tastier. For bisi bele bath, a super-delicious rice preparation, too, pappads are a good side dish.

Sandige: It is a great side-dish for south Indian lunch or dinner. Sandige is also an excellent side-dish for cuisines like bisi bele bath and aval or avalakki bisi bele bath. Some also eat sandiges as a snack.